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Cost of cake?

So I just mailed out a little under half of the cost of my daughters wedding cake today. To me it is a bit pricey, but I have no clue what they cost "now a days" It's a 4 tiered cake and very elaborate( that is where the priceiness comes in I think), and will feed up to 200. Out of couriosity, and I know location makes the prices varry, what is the going rate per slice now?




Re: Cost of cake?

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    Cakes in Baltimore START at $7 a person or so. A fondant covered cake with elaborate detail can be as much as $14 per person.
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    Thanks Kristen. I  will no longer think this one is pricey then :) It's been 25 yrs since "weddings" have come up in our immediate family.
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    Where I live, fondant covered cakes start at $4/serving.  So, a very elaborate one would run about $8/serving.
    Now, about 45 minutes north the prices double (larger city known for money).

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    ok, so I am essentially stealing it then,. I figured the entire cost of the cake too, (set up ,delivery & tax) 

    Hmm , would you tip the baker if you felt they did a fantastic job?
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    I'm about 20 minutes outside St. Louis and my cake is about $2.50/person for buttercream icing.  It starts at $4.00 for fondant and that doesn't include any extra decorations.
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    A baker is not like the servers at the reception that have to be tipped.  But, any vendor will gladly take a tip.  If the baker does a great job I would send them a thank you note and whatever $ amount you think they deserve.
    Ask them if there is a place online that you can leave a review.  Online reviews are a huge help for any business today.  When I was planning my wedding I always read reviews posted by past clients to see if I should call that company or not.
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    I was shocked at the cost of my cake initially.  Cake here runs from $3-$5 per slice on average, some cheaper, some much more.
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    Stephie, as you can tell I was shocked  as well ...but considering other parts of the country I am going with I  got a steal. My daughter's cake will have fondant and alot of detail. 

    Thanks 4156 for the helpful info :)  She just started her business almost 2 years ago and it has taken off!  About a month after I booked it the price went up $250. She was kind enough to give us a 10% military disc. as well.  

    Thanks to all for the input! I feel much better but Sorta feeling guilty that I thought it was an outragous price. LOL
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    In Seattle, cakes start around $3.50 per serving and go up based on if you want fondant, an elaborate design, etc.
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    I think ours was about $2.50-$3 per serving for buttercream.  There were places that charged more. 
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    I live in upstate NY and the cake I'm getting is $3.75 pp our cake is pretty cool because our baker is doing a different flavor for each layer so theres something for everyone.
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    Cake can range between $4-10 a slice.  Here is a tip.  My cake maker said she could make a foam "FAKE cake" for pics that looked amazing for cheap.  Then take pics, etc and when they take the cake in the back and chop it up, serve a sheet cake.  This happens quite a lot and then the couple slurges on the venetian hour to accompany the sheet cake!
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    Cake is costly here as well.  One way we are saving is to have our tiered cake only have 1 real tier and the others fake tiers (not cake but foam covered with frosting to look like a real cake).  We will serve guests from sheet cakes.  FI and I will cut the real tier as custom and save the rest for either our wedding party at our "gift opening brunch" the next day or something.

    It sucks that when vendors hear "wedding" they see $$$.  I think that we should only be charged by how much we buy, how elaborate etc and not by what the occassion is.
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    You should post this on the Cape Cod board.

    Delicious Desserts is fantastic.  I think the cost was about $5 a slice, fondant may be more, not sure
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    I am having a poppy seed cake with cream chesse icing and fresh berries as the filling from King Soopers at .69 per person. I opted to go with a sheet cake, instead of the traditional wedding cake because a tiered wedding cake couldn't support the fresh berries.    They also do wedding cakes, and cake testing for a portion of the price of most bakeries.
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