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South Carolina-Charleston

Hotel Accommodations for Guests

Hi Ladies-

Have any of you received deals from local hotels (preferably downtown) for your guests? I have heard of people blocking off rooms. How does that work? What if all the rooms don't get booked? 

Any suggestions/advise on this would be helpful.


Re: Hotel Accommodations for Guests

  • nfguthrienfguthrie member
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    When I did this in Charleston, room blocks worked two ways--a hotel will block off a small # of rooms (usually around 10), for you for no obligation--guests have until a certain date to reserve a room at the room block price and if not all of the rooms are used, no problem, they are just released when the deadline is passed.  If you want more rooms, you'll have to guarantee them--ie pay for them if they don't get used.  I did 3 blocks of 10 rooms apiece at 3 hotels at various price points and it worked out great--you can use the websites to find the # to call for group rates.  Everyone was really nice about it and the savings were decent (can't remember exactly how much, but enough that I felt it was worth it.).  GL!
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    We just ended up calling all the hotels that were near our venue downtown, explained that we wanted to reserve a block of rooms, asked whether we had to pay upfront, asked whether we'd be responsible for any un-booked rooms, and then negotiated on the price. All of the hotels that we called did not hold you responsible for any un-booked rooms and did not require a deposit, so each guest just reserves their own room. FYI-We called Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Best Western King Charles Inn, and a couple more.
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    I usually just e-mailed someone in the events/group planning department at the hotels and told them when I needed a block. I did courtesy blocks where there was no contract, but some hotels (like the Charleston Marriott) requires you fill 80% of the rooms you hold or you pay for them; my clients have gotten into nasty situations with contracts and room guarantees, so we avoided that like the plague. We have our blocks at the Courtyard Marriott, Vendue Inn and Meeting Street Inn. All have been great to work with.


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    anybody have hotel recommendations? im getting married in april at the charlestowne landing. our reception is at

    renaissance charleston historic district hotel.
    its  179$ a night! a little too much for my guests.
    where did you guys block off rooms? how much where they?

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    Check out Courtyard by Marriott and the other Marriott downtown. Both are not right in the heart of downtown, and when I was looking, I think Courtyard was $149 and Marriott was $129.
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  • UgaAli05UgaAli05 member
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    I had a block of rooms at the new Holiday Inn Express in Mt. Plesant.  Rates started at $99, although that was not long after they opened, so it may be a little higher now.  Beautiful hotel with free hot breakfast and free WiFi!
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