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Martha's Vineyard Wedding

Hi - We're planning a Vineyard wedding for next October and can use all the advice we can get. Someone mentioned the Sailing Camp in OB but I haven't been able to find any reviews of it. Anyone had a wedding there recently?? Other thoughts are the Ag Hall or even a private residence but I am worried that most rentals won't allow a wedding to be held. I love the West Chop Club but heard that you must be a member to host a wedding. Another issue I have noticed are noise curfews, does anoyone have town specific times??? Sorry about the rapid fire questions - just trying to get all those nagging thoughts out of my mind!

Thanks so much!!!

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Re: Martha's Vineyard Wedding

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    Hi! I got married in MV in Menemsha at the Beach Plum Inn. We had a noise ordinance time of 9:00pm, but kept the party going until 9:30pm :) We got married at 2, started cocktial hour at 3:30pm and the after party beach bonfire went til 3:00am ;) And we got married October 4th and it was 72 degrees!!

    I love weddings I have seen at the Ag Hall (check out the most recent WellWed mag) and I have heard the Captain Flanders House does great weddings as well. I have a few friends who got married in private residences, so it is just a matter of poking around to see how people feel.

    Best of luck and I am happy to help with whatever you need! You can reach me at [email protected]
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    I'm originally from the Vineyard and (believe it or not) will be having my July 2010 wedding at the Sailing Camp. It is a gorgeous location, with a full industrial kitchen. John, the property manager, is fantasic (our families have known him for years). The maximum number of guests allowed is 120 (you can rent a tent and extend the number to 150). There is a noise "curfew" of 10pm (for amplified music) and doors and windows must be closed by 9pm. Also, amplified music is not allowed outside. Beer and wine licensing is included in the price, but you must obtain wedding insurance with at least $1,000,000 of covereage (this only cost $175 at and they send confirmation to the Town of OB). There are tables and chairs at the venue. The chairs are the crappy metal kind, so I'm renting chairs from Tilton. I think that the number of tables supplied will only accommodate 106, so if you have more guests you will need to rent a couple. I think that the Sailing Camp is the best for the money you will spend ($1750--$1250 for OB residents). You can have the ceremony overlooking the water and then move inside for the reception. If it rains you can get married inside in front of the beautiful stone fireplace (built in plan B!!). Also many Vineyard venues have insuffcient parking for weddings, but the Sailing Camp has plenty of parking. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, whether it be about venders or whatever! I left the Vineyard in August of '08 and still visit frequently, so I know everything there is to know!

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    Thanks for all the info Meaghan and Courtney!
    Courtney - How many guests are you having??? We are a little concerned about the size of the Sail Camp even though we are aiming for about 100 guests~just don't want everyone to be crammed in and both our families love to dance! The location is great though since its on the lagoon and close to town for our guests. My finance and I are planning to take a look at the Sail Camp over the Memorial Day weekend so I'm hoping we will get a better feel for it then. Who are you having cater? I know someone who is friends with Jan at Kitchen Porch but haven't been able to actually find a review of a wedding she has done. Any thoughts? Also our wedding is set for October 2011 and we are still trying to finalize a budget so any catering prices info you have would be a huge help!!
    You must be getting very exctied - only a couple more months!
    Thanks again!
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    Hey Heather, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! My guest list was slightly over 100, but after RSVPs we are at around 70 (we will be around 80 once a few people finalize their plans). 100 guests is perfect for the sailing camp, I was told it was an ideal number by the property manager. Did you go see it over the holiday weekend? Despite living on the island for so long, I have never actually been there. My mother & FMIL went on a tour, they handled all my questions & took pictures for me. FH also went for a tour when he was up there back in early May. I don't really know much about caterers, I'm not having one. FH is an executive chef (he has done wedding reception, reunions, & various other events at his restaurant) & our familes love to cook, so we will be doing everything ourselves. Our families will be getting everything out & ready to serve for us. Plus I HATE seafood & most of the gourmet meals the caterers on MV serve (I'm a vegetarian & a very picky eater). I have heard good things about Tea Lane Caterers and Bill Smith's Clambake (the clambake option for a very Vineyard touch, they do super casual to more formal style events, also good if you like seafood!). I have never heard anything about Kitchen Porch. I am definitely excited...a little over a month left now, and so many last minute things to do!!! If you need to rent anything (tents, tables, chairs, linens, etc) you should contact Tilton Rental, they will send you a huge packet of items w/ prices. There are also a couple other rental companies like Seaside Celebrations & Big Sky Tents. Everyone I know has always used Tilton & I know the event coordinator there, so it was my first choice. Tilton is very reasonably priced, I'm unsure about the others. If you need any more info feel free to ask. You would probably have better luck finding me on facebook, I tend to use TheKnot's weddingbook app on there! Happy wedding planning!
    Here is the link to my page on FB :!/profile.php?id=1012583407

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    Oops apparently the link didn't work! You can search me by my email [email protected]
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    Sailing Camp Park has a beautiful view.  There are 52 parking spaces.  There are 7- 5 foot round tables that seat 8, and 5- 8 foot banquet tables that seat 10.   You will need to use a licensed caterer (Oak Bluffs Health Dept.) for the Sailing Camp Park.  Also, there is no dishwasher--you'll need a real live person hired by caterer to wash up.  (mother of a 2010 bride.)
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    Hi all,

    I am also getting married on the Vineyard - Sept 2011. We are having ours at the Ag Hall in West Tisbury. My parents now live on the island year-round and i've been going there since I was born, so I am happy to answer any questions as well.

    The one thing I am trying to figure out right now is what is a reasonable amount for a caterer to charge. We have been talking with Jan Burhman from Kitchen Porch because I really like her philosophy of wanting to support local farms and purchase sustainable seafood. I am a vegetarian and she was very happy to work with what I want (ie. no chicken or beef, maybe a little seafood). The only issue is that I feel like her prices are very high and I am wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what they are paying so I can compare and maybe negotiate with her. 

    I think you can reply to me on here, but if you'd rather, you can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you!!!
    Marcie  Smile
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