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Bridesmaid dresses being different designs and colors?

Hello everyone! happy wedding planning. I loved how in the sex in the city movie all the girls wore different dresses that were different colors. My only question would that be over the top considering I have 7 bridesmaids?

Would it look better if they all wore the same color but different dresses? I really want my friends to wear what they are most comfortable in because I have been in far too many weddings where I paid for a dress that I hated or never wore again. Thoughts? Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy all of their dresses but want them to enjoy what they wear.

please let me know.
Wedding on 6/17/2011

Re: Bridesmaid dresses being different designs and colors?

  • I think if you told the girls to wear a certain length and stay in a color family (like red so they could do anything from light pink to dark red) it would look nice.  If you told them to choose whatever color they want it might end up looking a bit too much like a crayola box.
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  • If they can afford them, these dresses are pretty amazing, and can be worn SO many different ways. I saw a wedding on TV where the BM's wore the long version, and they ranged from size 2- size 22, and they all looked fab- one was even pregnant, and they were all different heights. I actually would not mind spending the money on one of these, because I would totally wear it again.

    click 'views'

    Bridesmaids dresses are hard, though- no matter how well-intentioned the bride is in finding a dress the girls can wear again, I think it almost never happens, unless you give them a color (red, black, navy something without too much wiggle room) and a length.  Otherwise, I'd say choose a designer, length and fabric/color and let them each choose the dress they like best... OR Choose one style and let them choose whatever color they like best, if it's in your palatte.

    Here are some pics of those Nadia dresses:

    And here are some pics of girls in the same dress, different colors:

    Hope that helps!

  • I personally like the same color/similar colors-different styles.  That way it doesn't look like what the PP was talking about: crayon box.
  • I agree.  My bridesmaids are all different ages heights and weights.  I just said that they should pick their own dresses, in any shade of dark pink,  as long as they were longer than knee length.  They have mostly had them made by seamstresses, and they will all wear them again because they got to choose ones that express theirs.
    I once went to a wedding where the bride had the bridesmaids all wear solid color velvet gowns, floor length, in their choice of colors.  Some were burgundy, black, and navy, and it was stunning.
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  • thanks everyone! I am definitely leaning towards one color then the girls can pick their own dress. I have been looking online and different colored dresses looks nice but when the wedding parties are smaller. appreciate all your help. 
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  • I agree that really mixing it up works best for a smaller WP- otherwise there's not much of a way to tell who is in the wedding, if they're not holding their flowers. Good luck and have fun shopping! :)

    VS has a line of convertible dresses too and the price is a little easier on a bmaid (I think).  not sure what your colors are but they come in a ton of diff colors and i think you can wear it 12 different ways.  Plus, the dresses will get in super quick!
  • People seem to be doing whatever they want these days so you could have different dresses and colors. I don't think it is a good idea. It is not as visually appealing and when you totally leave it up to BMs you run the risk of BMs selecting inappropriate dresses and colors clashing.
  • Ooh, nice find on the VS dresses!
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    here's a pic of my brothers wedding, i was a bridesmaid

    we all had the same pattern but different styles, i think it looked nice

  • I think there are possibly three choices from you to choose from when thinking your bridesmaid dresses.
    1) all the same color, but diffferent dresses
    2) the same dress different colors (that work together)
    3) or a certain length and color family

    You want them to be comfortable, but you have to remember, it is your wedding and you are the one who will cherish the pics forever, you don't want to regret turning them loose!  Hope this helps
  • I'm in the same boat as you...I'm just going to pick a color by a designer and my girls can pick whatever dress they want. I was leaning towards the converitble dress......and then I actually tried on one. It was definitely not flattering and the fabric itself was much heavier than I would have liked, so that idea got thrown out the window. My advice is if you are interested in the convertible dress, Dessy makes one as well and one of your local bridal stores should have one for you to try on. I would check it out because you may change your mind like I did.

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  • This was popular many years ago it was called a rainbow wedding my mom was in one with all differnt pastel colors.  Do what you love.
  • Personally, I prefer the same color, different styles look, but if you like the different colors, it can also look good.  I think it depends on the formality of your wedding as well- it would look out of place at a black tie wedding, not as much at a garden or beach wedding, I think. 

    I have PIB under 'how it all turned out' if you want to see what my girls looked like.  They had different styles, but same designer/color/length, and it really looked fantastic. 
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