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Toying w/ making the Grooms Cake

I'm thinking about making my FI's Groom's cake.  We already have the wedding cake - mine but he's not a big fan of white cake & loves Germ. Choc.  I'm tossing around doing it myself.  We're expecting about 60 (if we're lucky) and the wedding cake serves 60.   What if I were to do a tier (10 & 6 inch) just to give another option?  Not to mention I found this fantastic cake topper that I want to use.  He's a HUGE cards fan and I found the best topper.   I would use the "german frosting" between cake layers and then cover in choc buttercream.  The cake is small enough for me to handle far as decorating. I've done a few cakes but not making mine because I don't have enough patience to do a larger cake.  Here's the topper. LOL!

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Re: Toying w/ making the Grooms Cake

  • Your cake idea sounds perfect for your situation. I'm sure you can do a great job on it. And that topper is excellent!

    Here's my topper--but it's customizable, so I can do it in the color of my scooter. I also told her I wanted to drive! giggle....

    I think I will have one small cake for that topper. But the rest will be cupcakes in multiple flavors, so everyone is happy. There's an AWESOME bakery on the same block as the diner I want to use. They've been in business for over a 100 years. They have retro equiment, and an old-fashioned feel. But most of all they have the best cupcakes anywhere.
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    What poll? Dunno, will have to check. I have no alter egos that I know of. (Couldn't figure that out for a while, thought it might be Addiction to Etsy, which I'm entirely guilty of...)

    Edit: Oh, the verbal poll...I thought that was just a general preference question. I do prefer pie. But will have some cake on the day. But maybe also pie--FI likes pie too.
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  • Go ahead and do it. My philosophy in life is "there's nothing I can't do, only things I've never tried" (this does not apply to stuff like jumping out of airplanes or bungee cord jumping however).

    Just make sure you have someone to take the cake to your wedding or rehearsal dinner, wherever you are serving it.

    Good luck.
  • Go for it!

    Never hurts to do a practice cake....or two...or three....just to make sure you get it right. 

    Oh, did you all know that today (Friday, May 6), is National No-Diet day?  Let's get baking!
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