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My fiance and I live in NYC but our families are from the NJ and DC area. To have a central location we've decided on Philadelphia. We're getting married in Nov 2013. We prefer a historic venue, preferably a mansion. Judging by photos Glen Foerd mansion seems perfect. Before we travel down there i wanted to ask a few questions about price. Does anyone know the price range for a wedding there, and is there a rental fee?  

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    Yes there is a rental fee. Iirc it's around 1300 or more. I'm having my wedding at their sister venue, Knowlton Mansion. GF is a beautiful location but the ballroom is very small and the setup is strange(hard to describe, something you'll have to see to understand). The outside area is awesome! Right on the water. As for cost, I'm not sure bc I did a walk through and decided KM was my venue so I didn't ask about pricing
  • FI and I looked a it for our May 2013 wedding and loved it, but it was out of our price range. I do know it is cheaper if you do a Friday or Sunday, and November would have been cheaper than May. However, we considered April briefly and for a Friday or Sunday it was $14000 minimum that you had to spend - the catering and rental are one package.
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    When I met with Conroy Catering over the summer, the rental fee for Glen Foerd was $1750 on a Saturday and $1000 on a Friday. The November minimums were $14,500 for Saturday and $12,000 for Friday. The packages range from $125-$175 per person.
  • Hi, 
    I am getting married there in april.  There is a rental fee of 1750.  That is sometimes waived for their value dates, which is what we did.  Value date packages are 99 dollars a head to start and can be as high as 175.  
    I love the setup with the water outside of the glass conservatory.  There is also a wine cellar.  I think that it would be perfect for 130ish people.  

    Hope this helps, 
  • If you like the Glen Foerd: you should also see check out the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown while you are down here!  I'm getting married at Aldie in June and couldn’t be more excited.  The cost to rent the mansion varies between months, and also between days.  Heres a link to a helpful website:  It’s a beautiful space, and Jeffery A. Miller is the exclusive caterer.  We did our tasting last August and I cant wait to eat the food again in June!  All fresh, made from scratch.  Good luck: and I would be happy to answer any questions!
  • I also wanted to jump in and recommend checking out Aldie Mansion!  My sister and brother in law got married here three years ago, and when deciding on my wedding location, I just couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else!  Jeffrey Miller catering is  very accomodating and can help you make your day what you want - and the venue couldn't be more spectacular!  We had our tasting with Jeffrey A. Miller this weekend and their food does not disappoint.  It's unique and exiquisite and so much more than just your run of the mill wedding food.  Please let me know if you have any questions! 
  • I just called Glen Foerd and they aren't booking for 2014 yet because they don't know if they are keeping the contract with Conroy Catering :( Knowlton Mansion is still available though. I'm bummed.
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