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How many months ahead to register?

Thinking of when to many months ahead of time 5..6 monthes?

Re: How many months ahead to register?

  • It's months.  I guess it depends on when your shower is.  I'd do it at least a month before your shower.
  • You can register whenever.  We registered 13 months out and got a couple of things for law school graduation.  I just decimated my own registry during black friday today so I'll be replenishing a bit over the next couple of weeks.  People tend to start buying about a month before your shower (if you have one) and possibly around holidays/birthdays/etc.
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  • We registered about 3 months out, but nobody purchased anything until maybe 6 weeks out.   If someone is throwing you a shower, you will want your registry to be set up by the time shower invitations go out.  Otherwise, I think it's fine to wait until your wedding invitations go out.   If you register TOO early, depending on the store, you run the risk of items you select being discontinued or not being available closer to the wedding (if they are "seasonal").    Even registering in January for our April wedding, our duvet set at BB&B was in the process of being discontinued when we went to complete our registry a few days after the wedding.  We only just barely got the whole set.
  • We registered 9 months in advance.
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  • Thanks!  My shower is in the end of April so I'm thinking to register the beginning of Jan ?
  • That will work - that's a good time because a lot of holiday items will be discontinued at the end of December.
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  • We started registering about 4 months in advance. I just made sure my registries were finished by the time shower invitations went out.
  • We did about 3-4 months out. It was plenty of time.
  • We registered 12 months prior to our wedding date. I have changed the registry many times, I have actually deleted two of them and just changed it to one at Macys, Target, and Amazon. I had a surprise shower and was glad that I had registered. The Target registry is only for a few items that we really want because we have heard of their awful return policies here on the boards.

    I have received some flack for buying a few things off the registry hear and there when they are on great sales, but I highly doubt we will get everything on it and since we would be buying it anyway, we might as well get a great price, right? I have also purchased sheets, our bedding set, and towels all on crazy good sales at other stores we aren't registered at. Our bedding set is a $500 set we bought for $99 at Khols. I was pretty excited about that one. Bedding sets change so often I didn't want to register for one I loved and then not have it be available like so many items like on our JCPenney registry that I deleted.
  •  Sharpschruter22, it's off topic, but your venue is BEAUTIFUL
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