Canadian Rockies

I'm in love with all things mountain and I think I'm going to love the Canadian Rockies.  I have a wedding planned currently for the Tetons/Jackson Hole, but we are probably going to elope for other reasons.

Since I've always wnated to see the Canadian Rockies (including Banff, Canmore, Field, etc) we're thinking of eloping where we'd like to honeymoon.  I've seen lots of nice elopement packages offered for this area.

I've made this map of Banff/Canmore area venues.

Having never been there myself, is the area I have mapped out the "main" area of the Candian Rockies?  Or the Don't Miss! area because it has the best views?  I imagine it's all quite beautiful.  We will probably drive up from Utah.

Any of those you'd like to suggest for an intimate, outdoor, private wedding?  I'd imagine it's all pretty touristy?

EDIT to ADD: there are no guests, this is an elopement.

Re: Canadian Rockies

  • I've been to Banff a few times and for one wedding.  Are you planning in the winter or summer?

    The townsite of Banff itself is really cute and touristy.  You can walk pretty much everywhere you need.  There's tons of nice shops and restaurants.

    If you have the cash, I would check out what the Banff Springs (Fairmont) Hotel has to offer you.  It's basically a castle in the mountains and absolutely gorgous, but I don't imagine anything there comes at a low price point.  We made a point of staying there for one night and it was so worth it.  It's also near the Bow Falls which would likely be nicer in the summer because they are pretty frozen and snowed over in the winter.  Depends what you are looking for.

  • We haven't narrowed in on a season yet.  We're both big backcountry skiers and talked about doing one of the backcountry huts of BC at some point in our lives.  I saw the Ruedi Beglinger movie (A Life Ascending) and I so want to do that hut!  We met backcountry skiing and got engaged while backcountry skiing.  So winter is an option but warmer weather would lend to more outdoor exploring.

    I've seen people have had ceremonies on top of Tunnel Mountain too!

    The timing is all up in the air.  My dad has 3-5 months to live.  I have a wedding already planned that is in 4.5 months but we are choosing to undo it all to avoid any overlap.  Everyone is very relieved that we're choosing to elope.  I'd prefer to wait until after the dust settles so who knows when that will be.
  • Oh my goodness I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  I wish you the best with that.

    Good luck with the rest of your planning.  I don't know if you saw the Canada-Alberta board but it may be helpful to post there too as there is likely more people that head to the Rockies on a regular basis there (I'm from Saskatchewan....mountains do not live here, haha)
  • Thank you.  It is so very very sad.  The good thing about not having a guest wedding event is that we now have lots of freed up funds to fly home more frequently to see my dad.
  • That's great and I'm glad you get to see him as much as possible.

    Again best wishes and hope all goes as well as it can.
  • Honestly i don't think you could go wrong with anything you chose in the area. It is gorgeous. I know you love to ski but canada gets VERY cold in the winter, i would probably go in the summer/fall. 

    Without knowing about your dad it makes it hard but with it being an elopement i am sure it will be easier to plan. Good luck & i hope you get the wedding of your dreams despite the sad circumstances :(
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  • vexievexie member
    We went to Canmore/Banff for our honeymoon last June... it was an amazing place to spend our week in!  Just a word to the wise... we were there June 12 - 18 and the lakes were still mostly frozen over.  We had to wear jackets the entire time were we there :) 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Canadian Rockies</a>:
    [QUOTE]We went to Canmore/Banff for our honeymoon last June... it was an amazing place to spend our week in!  Just a word to the wise... we were there June 12 - 18 and the lakes were still mostly frozen over.  We had to wear jackets the entire time were we there :) 
    Posted by vexie[/QUOTE]

    We were still skiing in June even here in Utah!  It was a big snow year too.  June would seem early to me.  Thank for the heads up!
  • I don't know, I think Banff is pretty mild in comparison to a lot of the country.  I've been there in February when we were walking around in t-shirts.  They tend to get chinooks that warm up that area and Calgary quite a bit.  I've also been camping there in the summer when I don't remember it being cold.
  • Make sure you get over to Jasper if you get a chance!  Lots of good stuff to see around there!  And the drive from Banff to Jasper is amazing!

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  • Jasper is smaller and less touristy and honestly I think more scenic. I love Jasper! However other then be in nature, there is not much to do there, so if you are looking for somewhere where guests can walk to cute little cafes and stuff Banff would be the way to go.

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  • If I had to pick a venue, I'd choose Jasper, love the town & the scenery, I'm from Edmonton & am  considering an elopement as well. Then a nice reception after. I'm sorry to hear about your dad & hope every turns out (big hug)
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