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Hello all, I am 20 years old and getting married in July after finishing up my sophomore year of college. My registry has been on my mind a lot. A lot of the people we are inviting to our wedding are younger and struggling with money just like we are so I do not want to ask for expensive stuff, but at the same time I feel like I have a right to want nice stuff like any other bride. Should I ditch the nice stuff or try to find a balance of price ranges? We registered at bed bath & beyond and they pushed us to put the nice stuff on, but I'm not sure if that's best. Thanks for all the help!

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    I don't think you should have let the people "push" you into more expensive things, you should have stood up to the person.  Also I do feel I need to say soemthing about you "having a right to want nice stuff"...firstly "nice" doesn't have to mean expensive. Plus you should just be thankful if your friends/family get you anything if they don't really have the money too, especially since from what I know of wedding ettique it's not required to get the couple a gift, just a nice gesture.

    The best course of action is to do a mix of prices, in my opinion. You could try at Target since they have a mix of things. Also I've heard a lot of good things about, you can register for anything that is on the internet from anywhere .This would also allow for varying price ranges.
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  • Do a balance.  Some inexpensive things, some more expensive things, so there's something in everyone's price range.  Some of the people you expect something small from may surprise  you and go in together for something bigger, too.
  • Do a balance.  That's what I'm going to do.  You should always get stuff for all different price ranges, since that way everyone has options.  Plus you should register for what you want, not just what they push you into.  It's your registry.
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Do a balance.  Some inexpensive things, some more expensive things, so there's something in everyone's price range.  Some of the people you expect something small from may surprise  you and go in together for something bigger, too.</strong>
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    <div>Ditto. I'd rather people not give than gift something I won't use because I felt like I had to register something lower. Example: I grew up with my mother using LeCruset, so that's what I want. Yes, it is more expensive, but I could care less about what kind of mixing bowls I get. Find the balance or what you care about/don't. </div>
  • So, I've worked at Crate & Barrel for the past four years and I've been a bridal consultant for a while... I'll tell you what I tell everyone. You registry is your wishlist, however, with that being said there rules are good to follow:

    Try to get at least 75 items on there--people will be buying gifts for a shower and a wedding in most cases, and like variety. Let them choose something for you, but of course, they'll be choosing from what you like.

    Hit many price points. Throw in kitchen gadgets, place settings, dinnerware sets... if 10 of your younger friends each get you a $30 place setting boom--you're good to go! Hitting many price points leaves options open for everyone. You'll likely have some "bigger spenders" like parents or other family members. They may jump on items, like cookware, that are at a higher price point.

    You'll likely get some giftcards. If your friends each give you $20 in gift cards, that will add up to allow you to get essentials that aren't purchased from your registry.

    Many place, like Crate, offer a completion cerfiticate for items on your registry/in the store. So, maybe you add a ton of stuff you know you wont get, but if you'll later recieve a discount that will help you complete your registry after the event.

    Just be reasonable! Put what you want and mind the price points you'll be hitting. You'll likely find by registering for what you NEED and WANT, you'll automatically hit a variety of price points and many different types of merchandise! :) Many retailers will push you towards higher price points--just stick with what you want, but don't go too too crazy. Register for what you will USE! Go back later and look over what you've registered for. You may find you went a bit nuts and added tons of stuff you don't truly want or need. That's fine. Edit and even return if need be.
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