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Goat on the Menu

Our local Indian restaurant (yeah, there's only one for some reason) has Goat Curry on the menu tonight.

I'm....slightly grossed out and intrigued.  But I don't think we'll be going.

Re: Goat on the Menu

  • Yeah, I'm not sure I could get past grossed out to move on to intrigued. 
  • I've had', not much different than lamb (I'm assuming I ate young goat--but I'm not sure)
  • In Response to Re:Goat on the Menu:[QUOTE]I've had', not much different than lamb I'm assuming I ate young goatbut I'm not sure Posted by GBCK[/QUOTE]

    What GB said. I like it a lot. Although I'd say it tastes less "lamby" than lamb. Somewhere in between lamb and pot roast beef. The few times I've had it though, it always seems like someone threw it in the wood chipper ala Fargo. More bone fragments than I'd prefer to see. Sometime I'll just up and pick up the raw meat and fix it myself.
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  • I think this is more b/c I consider goats to be some freaky looking creatures that give me the heebie jeebies more than anything. 
  • they are indeedy kinda freaky looking.  square pupils and horns and all that.

    Buffy refused to pet them at the zoo this weekend.
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