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OOT Guest basket Help

I don’t  reall know were this post belongs so I am posting in a few places sorry ladies.!
My question is we are having a few people mostly family come into town for the wedding. Most of them are traveling 8 hours or more and we wanted to put together a gift basket to leave in the hotel rooms with a little gift or something extra to say thanks for traveling so far to attend. I plan on writing a letter from FI and I with good places to eat close by and fun facts about our city but what else do you think should be included?? Or is this a dumb Idea?

Re: OOT Guest basket Help

  • I think it's a dumb idea.
    Most people know how to pack and don't need extra junk to travel home with.
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • I think it's a nice gesture, but I do agree with PP that they might not want to travel with more than they came with. Maybe a nice gift certificate for a local restaurant that you and FI both enjoy. Include a note that says that you love the place and would like for them to try it and blah blah blah. if you wan to get them a basket, get them things that they can use while they are at the hotel. Snacks or whatever.
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  • I think its a nice gesture, but I agree that a basket may not be something that guests are going to want bring home/have to pack.  I've been to weddings that had personalized tote bags with chex mix, water, tiny shots of alcohol, candy... and it was nice, but now that I think about it, I think we left the bag at the hotel :/

    A nice letter with info about the town would be nice if you wanted to leave something!  Our hotel passes out chocolate chip cookies to guests when they check in, maybe you could see if your hotel offers something like that??
  • Wow, I am really shocked by these responses.  I too am having a lot of out of town guests and am planning on having a welcome bag for them.  Nothing big, maybe a bottle of water, gum, something Michigan, and then a blip about the area they are in, since they dont know anything about the city.  For other OOT weddings I have attended, we have always received a welcome bag and its been a great way to get to know the area for the weekend, especially for people that arent involved in all the pre wedding festivities and have down time.
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