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I'm recently engaged, but not planning to have the wedding until next year. My problem is that I live and go to college up in the Sacramento area and am going to have very very little time to come down to San Luis, where the wedding will be, and pick out a location. I'm attempting to limit the venues that I'm going to have to check out the few times I will be able to come down.

The venue will only have to hold probably 60-80 people. I've always loved vineyard weddings but I'm being open minded. I'm looking for somewhere decently priced that, if possible, provides catering. Bar facility doesn't really matter because we will likely not provide alcohol. I'm not sure on an acutal budget yet but I'm crossing my fingers for under $4000 for facility rental and food. Unlikely I know, but I can hope! =)

Does anyone out there have any recommendations???
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Re: SLO area wedding venue

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    If you are highly interested in a vineyard wedding, I would recommend checking out
    It has a list of all the wineries registered in the area.  There is a place on the right that has their individual website, and from there you can find out if somewhere offers weddings.

    Stillwaters is very pretty, and has a small/quaint feel.  And just so you know, wine purchasing may be a requirement at some of them.
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    I vote for Stillwaters.  I am having an August 2010 wedding there.  You can see some of the venue in my bio.  It is reasonably priced. We will only have 50 guests at our wedding.  Good Luck.  Cambia Pines Lodge was my other choice but alittle to expensive for my budget.
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    Edna winery is beautiful. Also love Dallidet Adobe and Gardens

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