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Indoor photo locations--Nashville

Hey all,
My engagement photos were initially scheduled for Nov 19, but it rained. The next available appointment was not until Jan 8th, so I'd like to have a "rain plan" before then.

I googled for info and posted to Facebook, but amazingly, no one can come up with anything other than Gaylord Opryland and the Factory at Franklin. The issue with Gaylord is that I have to pay for parking for myself and the photographer (They charch $25 per car for parking), if it is really gloomy outside the indoor light tends to be low, and on certain days it's PACKED in there.

The Factory at Franklin doesn't open until 1pm on Sundays (my appointment is for 10am) and they charge $50 to use their facilty for a photo shoot. People have advised that we may be able to "get away with it," since I won't be in a bridal gown, but I don't want to waste my appointment "hoping" i can get away with something and I also don't think that the indoor portion of the factory at Franklin is worth $50.

FI has advised that we just go downtown and take pictures in the alley overhangs, The Arcade, and the footbridge that goes across the river. I think that's find if it's just drizzling, but if it's really coming down, it will be no fun to try and duck under overhangs and stand in the damp, cold Arcade. Meanwhile the photographers can't take pictures of us over an overhang while they are standing in a downpour.

Can you all think of any other alternatives? Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Re: Indoor photo locations--Nashville

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I'd check if the Frist, TPAC and the Schermerhorn would let you take pictures in their entry halls. You might also be able to take pics at the Parthenon, but I'm not sure. I'll try to think of other places during the day today.

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    Also if really wanted to do the Opryland hotel why don't you just park at the mall (free parking and walk over?) I live north of Nashville and I think the only I've paid for parking there was when I had them valet park me. 

    Also you could try union station (it's an old train station downtown)

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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
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    In Response to Re: Indoor photo locations--Nashville:
    Also you could try union station (it's an old train station downtown)
    Posted by nurse2be2011
    It's a hotel now, so they might not let her take pictures inside without paying.

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    I live in the Icon in the Gulch, on our 9th floor there is a funky party room. One of my friends did hers on the roof and they looked great, if it rained the 9th floor would be good. My fiance and I are having our engagement party there tomorrow night! Just an idea check it out on line!! Good luck!
  • Just wanted to give an update for anyone who may also be looking for this information:
    As far as parking in the Opry MIlls parking lot and walking to the Gaylord hotel, I could do that for myself, but the photographers require parking on site. Also, if it is really coming down like cats and dogs, that's going to be a pretty miserable walk :-/

    Our photography session was originally scheduled at the Parthenon, but for outdoor only. There is not much to look at in most of the indoor, and I doubt they allow you to take pictures in the main room inside with the statue of Athena. Even if they did, there are no windows in the room and not much there other than the giant goden statue.

    I found the rates for The Frist Center online. They charge $150 per hour to use their facility (Lobby only facing certain directions) with a 2 hour minimum Undecided. Here is the link: http://fristcenter.org/content/uploads/pdf_downloads/Frist_Center_Event_Photography_Guidelines_2011.pdf

    On Cheekwood's website, they state that photography sessions are available in outdoor venues only Frown They also say that photography sessions are available for members only, so if you are not a memeber, they'll charge you a $225 sitting fee  Surprised (This includes a $75 Family level membership and $150 sitting fee). Even if you are a Family level member, the sitting fee is still $150.

    I contacted the Schemerhorn Symphony by phone to get their information. They carge $200 per hour for photo shoots in the lobby and $750 per hour for photography session in the grand hall. To book this location, you'd contact the wedding and events department. The contact info is on their website.

    I called Union Station and learned that if you book their facility for your wedding, all on location photo shoots are free, but for everyone else there is a $250 sitting fee which will cover up to 3 or 4 hours. The contact information for the department in charge of this booking is NOT on their website. I just called the main office to get the number: (615) 620-2182

    I called TPAC Programming, Sales & Event Services department. She said she had never had anyone call about doing an engagement photo shoot there because their indoor facilities are kind of plain. I've been to the TPAC a few times and can't really think of a location there to work with and was kind of hoping for suggests from them...

    I haven't had a chance to look into the Icon Condos, but I'll check them out today. I haven't made my decision, but it looks like my options are 1) Pay $25-$50 to take pictures at the Gaylord 2) Pay $200+ to take pictures anywhere else.
  • Often the country clubs will let you do your pictures there, depending on other activities going on....check with Richland Country Club (615-370-0030) ask for Beth, check with Belle Meade Country Club and ask for Helen.  They will advise you.

  • What about the Library downtown? It's interesting looking, and could get make some great photos.
  • There are numerous funky lil bars and grilles and "clubs" in dowtown Nashville, (I.e., Wildhorse, Graham Central Station, Coyote Ugly, Hard Rock Cafe, Joe's Crabshack, Spaghetti Factory-I love their Grand Entry Hall!...there are loads of places down Broadway and surrounding streets!) Good Luck!
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