Ocean Woods Resort in Kennebunk

Hey Everyone- i'm new to the knot (just got engaged in early August) and am trying to find a venue (of course!) My fiance and I live in Portland and are looking to stay within 45 mins or so of here for the wedding. We're both vegan and are looking for vegan caterers, so a venue who's chef can do a vegan menu. Has anyone had a wedding at Ocean Woods Resort in Kennebunk? Pros/Cons? Thanks!!

Re: Ocean Woods Resort in Kennebunk

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    This was the first venue we looked at when we got engaged and we really weren't impressed.  The room was very much in need of updating and they would have put some of the guests at tables in the lobby because the room is too small (we have around 100 guests).  The woman was very nice, however, and took a lot of time putting together a spreadsheet for us of costs should we choose to do a tented wedding there (over $15,000).  They were very willing to accomodate our needs but it just wasn't the place for us. 

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