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Non-Sappy Father Daughter Dance song?


Hey ladies! This past weekend I went through the top 50 requested songs for the father daughter dance with my dad and he shut them all down, except My Wish by Rascal Flatts. I am actually shocked that he even likes that one because he isn't a big fan of country, but I really don't want to use that one! Its a beautiful song but so overdone. I'm trying to find something unique that isn't used over and over and that also isn't really sappy. Any suggestions would be great



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Re: Non-Sappy Father Daughter Dance song?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I just Googled "non sappy father daughter dance songs" and found a link to an extensive list with links to hear the songs on Offbeat Bride.
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  • Thanks- I found that too but there we didn't like those options. haha Never thought this part would be so difficult!
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  • maddynamitemaddynamite member
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    I let my dad pick out our song. He picked "Tenderness on the Block" by Warren Zevon.

    It really boiled down to what he liked the best. He likes classic rock, so he picked from what he liked. He didn't really worry about it, and I didn't either :)

  • My dad and I are really close, but I come from a non-sappy I feel ya on the overdone sappy songs. The song I liked most so far is "daughter" by loudin wainwright. It's upbeat so you can kind of swing to it and not have to do the awkward middle school sway with your dad. The lyrics are sweet but kinda funny. Is still a little corny though. That's hard to avoid with father daughter songs,
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