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Small crowd for the bridal shower... awkward?

I'm extremely stressed out about my bridal shower.  I originally wanted to have a couples shower with guys and girls so it would be less awkward.  My sister/MOH was snarky about that so we went for a regular bridal shower.  Of course she sent out the invites late, so now it's a pretty small group who are coming, because everyone is really spread out in terms of where they live.  It's like 5 peole from my family, 5 of my friends, and 5 people from his family... and then me.  These groups don't really know each other.  I'm just afraid that's a ridiculously small group and I don't know what to do to ensure people have a decent time.  We are having it at my house and there will be food... I didn't want games because those are always dumb but now I don't know if that is literally the only way to mix people. 

Any advice to having a successful bridal shower with all those components?

Re: Small crowd for the bridal shower... awkward?

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    I think it'll be fine.  You'll have ladies talking in groups of people who they know but it actually sounds great!  This way you'll have more time to talk to each guest.
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    Try to relax, it will be fine.  I personally like smaller showers, I think that they are more intimate and personable.  Have fun and enjoy it! 
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    It will be fine.  The best shower I've ever been to only had about 10 or 12 people.  Just a bunch of ladies sitting around a table having tea and chit chatting.  It was wonderful.  I don't think it will be awkward. 

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    I think I had one with 10 people? Talk about awkward! lol and half had to leave early. You just have to be gracious about it, there's not much you can do. Good luck Smile
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    I don't know how you feel about games at your shower, but I attended a small shower and we did a cute game that broke the ice and set a fun tone:  I emailed the bride and groom's mom a set of 8-10 questions (e.g. how much did he/she weigh at birth? what do you remember about their first day of school?  what was the most mischievious thing he/she did as a child? one word to describe their prom style?)  I created a little multiple choice quiz with the mom's answers, and then added a couple open ended questions to the end of the quiz, e.g. "If you could cast two celebrities to portray Bob and Mary in a movie, who would it be?"   

    Everyone shared their answers aloud and there was tons of laughter.  The best part was there were a few unexpected trick questions...the moms gave the same answer for a few unlikely answers (-: 

    Above all, remember that your attitude and vibe will set the tone for everyone else, so keep a positive attitude no matter what.
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