engrave titanium?

I've heard you can't engrave titanium, but I've seen some websites that say you can. Anyone know of a local (NKY/Cincinnati) place where I can get a titanium ring engraved? thanks

Re: engrave titanium?

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    You can definitally engrave titanium.  I'm wearing a titanium ring right now that my finance had engraved for me.  We ordered matching rings from Tirings.com and they turned out great.  The only thing about titanium is that you aren't able to resize it so you HAVE to know what size your finger is before you order the ring.  I ordered mine in the size I thought I wore and it was too big...now I have to wear it on another finger.  Tirings.com offers to send you a sizing kit....I was stupid not to take them up on their offer.  Good luck!
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