Budget wedding venue??

I have limited funds, and I cannot believe how much wedding venues cost!!  And all you get is the privilege of using their location! :(  I feel like crying.  Does anyone in or around Sacramento have any ideas for a budget wedding venue that is still attractive??

Thanks in advance!

Re: Budget wedding venue??

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    Micke Grove Japanese Garden in Lodi is nice and cheap. 
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    You and I must be A LOT alike.  I live in Sacramento as well and am completely struggling to find an afforable venue.  I have a few appointments this weekend so maybe I will find something.  Where have you looked??
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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!  I'm actually a local wedding florist here in Sacramento.  I don't know the size of your guest list...but, check out this winery here in sac...they are great!  Ask for Howard...he will take good care of you.  They do it all except the flowers of course:)  He told me that they are much lower and are willing to negotiate prices...specially if you haven't chosen a date yet.  The winter time is slower for them and they are more wiling to drop their prices.  Always negotiate with places like this, cause they really want your business.  They have a pretty outside wedding location and then 3-4 different rooms inside the winery just depending on your size.
    Or, check out Mulvaney's B&L downtown.  Let Marina know that I refered you...they use me all the time for their events.  They have just a small area for wedding ceremonies..but a really nice room for the reception, with an outside patio.
    I know that the park locations here in sac also have great prices on renting the park for a nice outside wedding.
    Feel free to contact me about my low pricing for great quality flowers!!
    Tracy Gibbons  916-361-1885 or email [email protected]
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    I have looked at all the local veteran's halls, the pricing is ok, but the look leaves alot to be desired.  the one location I liked in Lincoln (where I live) is booked on my date.  I have one other option in town and another venue (don't know the price yet) that I can't seem to reach on the phone.  the venue that is attached to the church I am using has no AC and an iffy swamp cooler. :(   September is an odd month weather wise and we are not wanting to risk an outdoor venue.  I have looked at all the local locations listed here on the Knot, but they are all over 1000.  But when you look at linen rental etc. it may be worth it. :(  Our budget is so bad, we are looking at paper plats and plastic table coverings.
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    Have you tried looking on I found a bunch of places on there. I've also yelp'ed a bunch of places too. The thing I like about herecomestheguide is that it gives you an overview of the place and their fees.

    Also, another recommendation is getting a really good wedding planner. I was very hesitant because I didn't want the "added cost", even though I read somewhere that it's not an added cost, that they should be able to deliver you the wedding you're budgeting for, with their costs included. They have repeat business power, so they can get you better deals than you could do yourself. My wedding planner is the best!! And just as I read, her fee's are built into my budget. No "added fees" here!
    For example, if your wedding planner's fee is $2k, and you're on a $20k budget, she/he should be able to deliver you a $20k wedding for $18k. Plus, less stress for you!!
    her website is in case you're intersted. =)

    Good luck!!

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    Have you looked into the Monte Verde Inn?  They're venue is beautiful and they do all-inclusive packages.  I think there's a bridal open-house this weekend.  I've also heard that the Ryde Hotel is nice, but I haven't seen it myself.  Good luck!!
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    Monte Verde is beautiful, but they can be pricey depending on when you want your date since they have a minimum cost. If you wanted to get married January 1 - April 29th or Nov 2 - Dec 30th the minimum is 6k which is the cheapest.  Not too bad considering it includes the venue, food, cake, flower centerpieces, and a planner for your day. The cheapest package is $79 per person with 22% service charge.
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    You could look on, or I found a more comprehensive list here:
    Also- maybe consider some of the California State Parks?  There are several historic sites you can rent for weddings in the Sac area.  Davis has a relatively new restaurant venue for weddings in the old city hall building:
    You could also check out the Center for Land-Based Learning in Winters (price varies depending on whether you want to rent the whole farm or not)
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    The Sequoia House in Placerville is very nice and affordable.
    The Grand Island Mansion in Sac is beautiful and a very good deal.  A friend of mine just got married there and we were super impressed.
    Garwoods in Tahoe is beautiful and affordable as well.

    If you need an affordable photographer check us out:

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