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Money Tree?

My Fiance and I are thinking about not doing a a registery and just simply ask for money how do we communicate that on our invitation without offending anyone?
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Re: Money Tree?

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    Sorry, there's no proper way of doing that.
  • TTiger03TTiger03 member
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    You can register for a few small items so those who want to get a gift can, but people might get the message froma small registry and give money or gift cards.  It is never proper to ask for money or gifts of any kind.  You can let close family (mom and sisters, etc) know and if others ask them they can say that you are saving for ____.
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    LOL-- people make me laugh-- there is no "Proper" way of doing it.

    Anyhoo--- they have registries for wedding money. The best way to announce this is to create a wedding website, and post a link to the registry there! You should also do a merchandise registry, because people like to buy stuff.
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    I'm not exactly sure on this one, but I heard that if you register at Bed Bath and Beyond, then return the gifts, they will give you cash back instead of just a gift card.
  • aalbrecht1206aalbrecht1206 member
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    Try honeyfund.com. My fiance and I are doing that for our wedding. We put the link on our website to let people know. The good thing is that no money goes through the internet, they bring a check or cash to the wedding. It doesnt have to be for a honeymoon either, it can list money for like a down payment on a house or car...
  • ms1507ms1507 member
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    Thanks I'll check out the sight... but don't sites like that charge a fee for using it?
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    Add this to your invitations:

    The date has been set and we'd love you to come,
    To our wedding in (place name), a long way for some,
    All you must do, is decide what to wear,
    Then polish your jewelry and comb up your hair.

    Don't worry about gifts, don't buy us a yacht,
    The things that we need, we've already got.

    Don't go out shopping or get yourself stressed,
    Don't alter your plans for a pre wedding rest.
    If you want to be generous, despite what we've said,
    Then save all the hassle and do this instead.....Don't know how to word this but will give it our best shot..
    Contributions are most welcome, we'll go somewhere hot!
    A honeymoon would be marvelous, to start off our life,
    In our long wonderful journey, as new husband and wife!Thank you
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