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Rhode Island

Conanicut Yacht Club, Jamestown - guest list & dessert

Has or is anyone getting married here?  Was curious as to how many people you're inviting and who you're bringing in for the cake/cupcakes.

My FI and I are getting married there next summer.  They say the cap is about 130 people, but you can finagle more based on how you arrange tables, etc.  Was just curious how others are handling the guest list.

Also, they provide everything except the cake.  I reached out to Silver Spoon Bakery and I have a tasting with Scrumptions next Saturday.  Any experience with either - in terms with delivery, arranging tastings, etc.?

Thanks, everyone!

Re: Conanicut Yacht Club, Jamestown - guest list & dessert

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    a friend is having their wedding there in june next year and the guest list is about 100 - I think they are hoping less ppl actually show :) i dont know who she is using but we are using sweet indulgence in warwick. great cupcakes and selection! we tried scrumptions cupcakes and in my opinion - they were terrible. frosting tasted like a stick of butter! there is a bakery in jamestown - called slice of heaven - you could always ask if they could make you something. ive been there and seen little pastries in the case. i have also been to the CYC for other events. be careful with the 130 number, that seems tight to me for that space- unless you will utilize all 3 rooms and outside. we looked there too - but too small for us. do they provide florals too? i cant remember what my other friend said - if not, check out The Secret Garden - also in jamestown. Owner is a nice guy who will really work with your budget if you have one. does beautiful designs. let me know how you make out! :)
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    Thank you!  I'll definitely check out The Secret Garden for flowers.  I've heard great things about that place.

    It definitely may be tight with 130.  I think we'll invite 130 and hope the guest list shrinks a bit.

    I had a tasting with Silver Spoon Bakery this weekend and they were wonderful.  We're going to go with their cupcake tower and possibly cakesicles for favors.

    Good luck in planning and thanks for your help!
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    awesome! i hear ya with the numbers. i keep telling people we are inviting 150ish :) but our venue would be able to accomodate more so its OK if it goes up and down a bit. where is silver spoon? FI loves the cake pops! those may be our favors too!! he is a little obsessed, its either that or choc cover pretzels. another fave :) good luck with your planning too!
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    Silver Spoon is based out of a kitchen in East Greenwich (I think that's what they said), but they deliver throughout RI.  They don't have a storefront, which at first I thought would make it inconvenient, but it was actually really nice because I didn't have to leave my house for the tasting - they came to me and dropped off the goodies.  I invited some friends over and we had wine and cupcakes :) IDK if they do chocolate covered pretzels (those sound so good right now), but we sampled cupcakes and cake pops and both were to die for!

    Have you done any tastings?  I only did two and I was charged for one (Scrumptions), but nott the other (Silver Spoon).  I'm a little taken aback by the cost for a sample!  That, coupled with the trial for hair and makeup - aye ye ye!  I haven't even had the wedding yet and everything is already expensive!
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    kellyjean - I totally hear you on everything being so expensive!!  I had a few people who got married of the past few years and they gave me their budget breakdowns and it seems like everything is a million times more expensive! lol luckily as we started to book people and put deposits down I forgot about how much I still owe and it's not as scary lol.
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    kellyjean - we actually didnt do any tastings w/o booking sweet indulgence in warwick. well, actually I shouldn't say that. we knew we wanted to call them because we had heard good things and then went to afriends wedding and called them next week, had an apmt and booked them. we didnt really have a tasting bc we had just tried her work, so we didnt pay anything. i have not heard good things about scrumptions - things like their prices are outrageous and the cupcakes are not good. from personal experience I can say - the cupcakes are terrible. and we wanted to call them too - after having them at another wedding - they were out. silver spoon sounds great though and yes, everything is wayyyy too expensive. i have a 2nd job and I really wanted to give it up but not until the wedding! I need the extra $$$
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