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Important questions to hire a photographer

I am just starting my photographer search and understand what style we are looking for, for our day. Just want to nail down the important questions regarding insurance, liability, etc.. Just want to make sure I nail them all. I was unable to find a direct link on the knot to what important questions I should ask. 

Re: Important questions to hire a photographer

  • Make sure you understand everything that's included in the package, the amount of time your photographer will be there, if they include digital images AND reprint rights to your photos, how much backup equipment they carry, how long it will take to get your photos after the wedding, ask if you can see an album of an entire wedding (most photographers put only the best of the best photos in their portfolio, so it makes it seem like all their work it fantastic, but you could end up with 1 amazing picture, and 600 more that are just eh, so you want to make sure their work is consistent throughout an entire event), etc. 
  • If you can, meet with your photographer beforehand.  It is so imporant that you get along well with your photographer.  They will be with you for your entire day, the last thing you want is spending your special day with someone you don't click with.  

    Also, be sure to review your contract carefully to ensure everything you agreed to is documented.  

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