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October 2012 Weddings

Work and Your Wedding

A co-worker recently told me that my boss was asking her when she thought I would be sending invitations out. He didn't directly say he thought he was invited but I am kind of  interpreting it that way. I had not planned on inviting him. I am inviting two co-workers who I am close to and friends with outside of work.

Are you inviting your boss and/ or co-workers?

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Re: Work and Your Wedding

  • I chose the last option, but I suppose it's more of a yes.  I would consider myself friends with my boss (I wouldn't mind having a drink with her), and I'm inviting many of my coworkers that I hang out and have lunch with on a regular basis.  There's one that I'm inviting to avoid any rifts or hurt feelings, but it's only 2 people added and worth not having anyone be annoyed/dislike me for it.  

  • While I don't expect everyone to show up I invited every person in my workplace. I didn't want anyone to get offended..and I've talked with most everyone about it. I'm not even sure how many women work with me but probably around 25. We work on an open floor in a call center. I invited the boss and she actually resigned this week so I'm not sure if she'll come or not. They promoted someone into her position that I'm positive will be there. I also invited 3 coworkers from my LAST job that I worked daily with for several years and 2 of my managers from that job with which I was close.

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  • One of my co workers is a bridesmaid, another co worker I have been friends before she started working here. I am also inviting my boss, I work for a very small company and he absolutely loves hearing good news. He is such a great boss and it may sound weird but he is seriously like an uncle to me. When I told him I got engaged he looked at me funny and said "He didn't ask me for permission!" He wanted to walk the last bride in the office down the aisle. He's the best boss I have ever had. 
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  • i was engaged for several months before starting this job, so i'm not inviting my co-workers becuase i don't know them well enough. however, i made a ceremony only invite and posted it at work.
  • I voted no, but technically I am inviting one co-worker. But she is FI's cousin and her son is the ring bearer because he is FI's godson. So I don't count her as a co-worker. I work for a fairly large company - if I were to invite anyone else it would just snowball.

  • I am friendly with my immediate supervisor...she's invited me to parties at what-knot at her house, we're close in age and we talk about personal things.  The only other person from work that is invited is my sister (sometimes that hard working with my sister).  I talk about it in front of everyone and I have since I became engaged.  
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  • I work in a fairly small office so I felt like I could get away with inviting my two bosses and one other coworker that I'm good friends with but I also really wanted to invite a few others. At that point I felt it was an all-or-nothing situation so I eneded up inviting everyone that is a part of the company at the time the invites went out.

    We've since had three more staff memebers join that are not invited. I know it's technically B-lisitng but if we have more declines then we expect I MIGHT invite them as well. Not sure yet though.

  • My boss is a judge...so he is marrying us!!!  So..he's invited...I got a friend of mine hired for another attorney in the office and so she was invited before she started working here and I have only invited one other woman from my office......we have a small office about 10 people, but I only felt comfortable inviting the couple of people I'm close to...
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  • Our wedding is out of town and we're trying to keep it smaller, mostly family, so I'm not inviting anyone from work. I'm glad, I wouldn't want the stress of picking/choosing/offending people when deciding what coworkers to invite.
  • I teach at a high school. I'm inviting my department (6 people) and that's it. I figure that way if anyone asks, I can say I'm cutting it off at my department.
  • I'm inviting a couple of coworkers and my evening supervisor who I actually see outside of work. But I'm not inviting management or the operations manager.
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  • I did invite my boss since he granted me the day before & the week after the wedding off without hesitation.  He's also a person I will talk to & we talk about our families & such.  Then I invited 2 co-workers that I consider friends.  The rest, I'm not inviting.
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  • I'm inviting Boss and his wife and one of my shift supervisors and her husband. Boss and his wife are also neighbors and his wife and I have become friends. My shift super and I are friends though we haven't actually done anything outside of work, but she writes the schedule most weeks and likes to schedule us together lol. 
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  • In Response to Work and Your Wedding:
    [QUOTE]A co-worker recently told me that my boss was asking her when she thought I would be sending invitations out. He didn't directly say he thought he was invited but I am kind of  interpreting it that way. I had not planned on inviting him. I am inviting two co-workers who I am close to and friends with outside of work. Are you inviting your boss and/ or co-workers?
    Posted by rlr02[/QUOTE]

    We are having a small wedding (25 people total).  I've invited co-workers because they will have an active role in the wedding.  Once we get a house, we will have a larger house-warming party for everyone else.
  • There are 300 people on site, I mailed one invitation personally to a woman I work with, and brought copies to hang on my team board. I manage a team of 12..11? 10 by the time of the wedding ... and they are all invited. I do need to make sure my boss knows, he is invited but isn't going to receive a personal invitation.

    I don't normally integrate any part of my job and personal life. However, five years ago when I was embarking through a nasty divorce, it was no secret :(   When I met FI, he came up a couple of times to visit me here at work - and my team drug him out on the smoke porch and interrogated him...then signed off their approval. Thay are all thrilled for me, for us!
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  • FI invited the co-workers he works with on a daily basis, as well as his boss, which is about 8 people. I invited everyone at my part-time job since they are friends and family (I work with my BIL, FI's BIL, and my BIL's cousins and uncles--needless to say, FI and I met at that job). My boss is actually closing her four restaurants the day of our wedding, since everyone is going to the wedding and there's no one to work. :)

    At my full-time job, I invited everyone in my department (10 people) and my boss's boss and his assistant. I really wanted to include everyone because we are all close. We're like family.
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  • If your inviting co workers you should absolutely invite your boss. Even more so that you know he's expecting it. 

  • My FI and I own our business, so no co workers to invite, except my son who helps me a little bit.  That being said, I am inviting a couple old co workers from our old business in Florida because they worked for us for so long, they are like family.
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  • I only invited 2 people from both jobs (1 from each) and only because we are friends. We are keeping the wedding very small so I tried to stay away from anything public with their iinvitations. I explained to them that I  don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and can't invite EVERYONE. Besides I don't think I would want my boss(es) to see me in my private life..
  • I actually invited quite a few coworkers.  I just transferred to a new location last October, so I made a lot of friends at my old office, even people in the company that I didn't work with on a daily basis.  My new office, I don't know everyone yet, but the people I correspond with frequently and get along with great, I invited them.  I think total invitations that went out to co-workers were 20-25, somewhere around there.  Its sad to say, but they are more reliable than some of our family!
  • I picked "No" but that is only because my boss and all my co-workers know it is a family only wedding.
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