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So im gettingm arried in 23 days....my mom did my bustle for my dress and come to find out the crinoline I got is not "puffy" enough. Im in need a fulluer crinoline or one with a hoop in it....im just starting to look online but would like to know if anyone knows of anywhere that has them for cheap and can get one right then and there. TIA!!!


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    I would try this little trick and see if it works for you. My huge dress wasn't being supported enough by my crinny, so the seamstress cut 2 slits in it. She cut them in the fabric that held the tulle down, that layer on top. One slit up the front, and one in the back. We could then fluff out the tulle enough that it could support my gown and its bustle, which are both HUGE.

    If that doesn't work, try ebay. I got mine from venusveils-- cheap, quick, and works just fine.
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    Found one!!! Thanks ladies!!
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