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invite wording.

 Our venue doesn't have an outdoor space available and we (I ) :)  really wanted one so they worked with us to have a space in a park that they are building nearby, about 2 blocks to walk as there is no parking there besides street and they are having an Italian festival that weekend so i'm sure it will be impossible to find.
If the weather is bad though, we will have to have the ceremony inside the venue.

 My question is, for the wording of the invite, how to say that without it sounding frustrating or confusing?

Should i have a pocketfold for it, or put the info separately somehow?   We were going to order our invites from Vistaprint but havent picked it yet so i just want to see how to figure this out first.
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Re: invite wording.

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    Hmm, that's a hard one.  I just want to clarify: So your intention is to have the ceremony outside if it's not raining at this park?  But there will be no place to park at the park?  And then the reception will be inside the venue? 

    I guess I would put the park on the invite if is well-known and/or has an address and then have a separate reception card that has the venue info.  And maybe that could include a line about inclement weather plans and parking as well.

    If the park isn't built yet and/or won't have a specific address, I might just put the reception venue address and include a note on a separate card that states the details. 

    We just had a discussion about pocketfolds earlier!  If you think it's easier to do a pocketfold, then do it, but you can also just include a separate card or two with the invitation.

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    I would suggest something like this:

    "The ceremony will be held at ____ park, located at _____.  Parking will be available at ______.
    In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will take place at _____."

    You may need to have someone help direct your guests from the parking area to the ceremony... if there are turns involved, but I personally wouldn't bother trying to put details/directions in the invite itself.  Maybe even consider having a small map or directions card to pass out to people when they arrive at the parking area... if it's a really commplicated walk. 

    Also, if you have any older family members who may have issues with a few block walk, you might want to make some sort of accomodations for them (car/shuttle).  I know my grandmother has issues getting from car to house (but too stubborn to ever use a wheelchair.  Love her)....  or at least contact them ahead of time to let them know there is a significant distance that they must walk.... then at least those cute little old ladies can consider wearing their velcro kicks instead of their Sunday heels..
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    thats correct sbolger. 

     thanks monica :)
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