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June 2013 Weddings

Wedding Wednesday

How's everyone doing getting those checks made?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

  • I had an appointment with the florist on Saturday and I looked at a few BM dresses.
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  • All the silk flowers I ordered a week or so ago showed up. I officially have all the silks I need for the whole wedding. 
    I contacted the photographer I plan to use for my boudoir shoot because she never did send me a contract. She said she had some personal things come up, but that she hadn't forgotten about me and that it's on it's way soon. I'm not concerned. My shoot isn't until March.
    I need to call my DJ back and remind him to add ceremony music to our contract.
    I feel panicked about my dress a bit. The sample size 8 fit me perfectly, but my measurements were all between 10/12/14. My MOH and one BM went and tried on ugly party dresses for funsies a few weeks ago and everything I tried on was an 8 and they all fit perfect. I'm mad I ordered a 10 now, especially because I'm working hard to lose weight as well and have lost some inches recently. I think I'll call the salon today and see where in production my dress is and if they can change the size still. I'd rather not pay to have it taken in if I don't have to. 
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  • All in all I'm doing pretty good I guess. We broke our venue fee out into monthly payments, so I owe them a check tomorrow. We just received an estimate from our caterer and i'm having trouble committing. We love her food and she has great reviews...but it's the biggest sum of money we'll spend and for some reason it's hard to part with a chunk like that. We wouldn't owe the 20% deposit until February...but it feels like a big commitment. I need to just suck it up and do it though, because i'd be heartbroken if we lost the date to someone else.

    How about you ladies?

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  • It seems like everyone is really starting to move along with planning now that we're getting closer to June!!

    I finished addressing and stamping our save the dates, and I'm going to run to the post office shortly here and get them in the mail. I'm really excited to get them out.

    We received the quote from the florist we met with last Monday and it's amazing...less than $600 for my bouquet, flowers for our 13 person wedding party, and corsages and bouts for parents and grandparents. Needless to say, we're definitely booking them, and I'll probably mail out the deposit in the next couple of days.

    I also spent some time this weekend working on our centerpieces. I'm going to try and get some more done on them tonight.

    I'm also excited for Sunday, because we're going bridesmaid dress shopping (again), and I found some dresses that I really love. I can't wait to see them on my girls, and I hope they like them too.

  • Hello,

    I have my Dress!

    I looked at flowers just to get ideas. (Getting super exctied)

    and just making payments to the DJ and Photobooth.
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  • Sounds like everyone has been super productive!
    We mailed out a majority of our Save the Dates on Friday and most guests have them by now.  Just waiting on FI to get his coworkers addresses and then we are done with the Save the Dates.
    We had our engagement pictures taken on Sunday and they came out pretty good even though the hurricane was on it's way.  We are going to redo them in the spring, when we have better weather.
    We started coming up with lists of items for the bathroom baskets and hotel gift bags.  This way we can buy things on sale and really cheap.

  • We ordered our save the dates last week, so hopefully they will get here next week and I can send them out right away. All I have to do is buy stamps and hunt down a few more addresses.

    We picked out a BM dress, I posted a picture of FB. Only 3/5 of my girls came and they were all different sizes so it worked out great.

    We booked our rehersal dinner location, I am so excited, Detroiters, its at Andiamos in Livonia.

    I really dont have too much big thing left to do! Its so crazy; I need to figure out transportation, linens, flowers and invitations and the rest of the stationary.
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  • We went and saw a venue on Saturday. I've been emailing them back and forth since then to see if they can work with our budget. I'm really hoping so because it would make my life so much easier as 90% of the work would be done already. And thankfully I think we've narrowed the guest list down. It's still much higher than I want it to be but if it makes them happy whatever. I also finally found a strapless bra in my size so as soon as it arrives I can go shopping for dresses!!
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  • Wow everyone has definitely been productive. 
    I have my dress ordered now I'm just waiting for it to come in. Frown It feels like it's taking forever. (I know it might not come in until January or later... I'm just so impatient.)

    We have our save the dates. We just haven't sent them out yet. 

    We cut down our guest list so that our guests can have hors d'ourves while we're getting pictures taken, because now that we have prices we realized that we couldn't afford that before. It didn't feel right to not give that to our guests. 

    We found out how much it's going to be to have chairs at our ceremony site, and we actually budgeted for more than what it ended up being. Smile Very very happy about that.

    We ended up changing our ideas about what we're doing for our centerpieces, but that's okay we have plenty of time to decide. I don't think we'll actually be getting the stuff until sometime in March or April whatever we decide for our RSVP date so we don't end up over buying. My FMIL thinks that only half of our list will end up showing up and that would be an aweful lot of extra materials that wouldn't get used if we bought them now.
    I ordered my garter, and it's in the mail so hopefully that will get here soon. Smile

    We've chosen what we're doing for our buffet options. 

    I'm patiently waiting for my ring to come back from the jewelers after having two diamonds fall out, and having to have it sent out... I'm not very patient. 

    All the girls have their dresses, and my grandmother is making the flower girl dresses.

    I still don't know what I'm putting my junior bridesmaid in. The dresses I put my bridesmaid in was a regular dress, and they didn't have it in little girl sizes so it's going to have to be something different, but I don't mind that. 

    We ordered an invitation sample that won't come in until sometime in November, because it takes 10 days to process the order and then another 3 to 5 days for shipping.

    Working on putting the finishing touches on our flower order, because they'll be ordered sometime in November or December. 

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  • Well I need to get on track, that's for sure.  Coming up on 7 months in about a week, AH!

    The only progress is I bought our corn hole game last night that we will have for the wedding, and my dad has been going way over board on helping me with these spool things.  I needed 1, for our cake table.  My dad now has 5 in different sizes and levels of new-ness.  HAHA I love his effort, and I think I know which one I need to use I jst need to sand it down so the paint isnt showing from the original owner of the cable spools (spray painted on their logo).  The good news is I can use the others for DIY projects like an end table or coffee table :-)

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  • Wow, awesome progress ladies! It's getting really exciting isn't it??

    Well, this week I finalized and signed the contract for the Up-Lighting and sent the deposit check! I'm really excited about this because the up-lighting looks so amazing at my venue. The dining room and patio area where our reception will be held will be lit up all around the perimeter with LED lights in Amber (basically looks like synthetic candlelight) throughout dinner, toasts and our first dance. Then as the night progresses the color will gradually change to Pink for the remainder of the evening and all the dancing. We're also having a white pin spot on the cake which will be on the patio. It's going to look so gorgeous! 

    I've also added a chuppah rental to my floral contract. Now I am in the process of revising my ceremony flowers to incorporate two additional pieces for the top of the chuppah. I'm also considering adding orchids to my ceremony florals, but not sure yet. They are expensive so I haven't decided yet. 

    My veil came in last week and also the crystal headband that I ordered online. They both look amazing! Sorry I haven't posted any pictures of them yet, but I will soon.

    Fiance called his Uncle (he's a pastor) and asked him to co-officiate our ceremony, to which he very excitedly accepted. Then we broached the topic with our Rabbi at temple last week and he seemed very happy to oblige. Now we just need to meet with him in private and go over details so we can create a ceremony with the two of them. 

    Now, my biggest priority is to find a reception band and ceremony/cocktail hour musicians! This was my priority this past month but I just never got around to it! I'm getting nervous though because I know I need to lock this down soon!!! 

  • In Response to Re: Wedding Wednesday:
    [QUOTE]...The dresses I put my bridesmaid in was a regular dress, and they didn't have it in little girl sizes so it's going to have to be something different, but I don't mind that.  [/QUOTE]

    This happened to me too and we just got her a flower girl dress in a similar color to what the other bridesmaids are wearing.  Much more appropriate for a little girl.  Look to see if the designer does flower girl dresses too.

  • Wow, everyone's getting so much done! I typed our addresses for save the dates during Sandy. I'll hopefully get them out this weekend while FI out of town for the Breeder's Cup. My MOH, FG and BM dresses are picked out with the exception of my niece, who is being difficult. I think we finally decided on a cake but we're getting cupcakes made this weekend of exactly the flavor combination we want soi can make sure I love it. Then we have to tell my grandfather how much it is and get the deposit taken care of. Hopefully going this weekend to get my nieces dress and my bridesman's tux picked out. Oh! And I got my shoes!
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  • I really haven't done too much this week.  I asked my best friend from high school to be my man of honor and he agreed!!!  I'm so excited  Smile  I also asked my aunt to be a reader and she was thrilled to have a reason to buy a new dress.  I've got 95% of the script for the wedding written and have been working on painting the outlines of the lanterns for the lantern bearers. Chalkboards and frames have all had the final coat of paint put on them and they're ready to be reassembled.  That's about it.  Here's hoping next week is more productive, LOL.
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