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who to sit with

Hi everyone
Just a quick poll but i don't know how to do it sorry.

Couples over 40 do you need to sit with your date at a wedding reception you are in. Maybe i am crazy but I can be separated from my fi for an hour to eat. and he is fine with making small talk with a table of strangers for dinner. sorry I am just tired of reading these post about you cant seat couples at different tables. So just asking if I am alone on this or just an adult.

Re: who to sit with

  • Of course I'd want to sit with DH. I'd deal with being seated separately if I had to, of course, but I certainly wouldn't want to. I don't think this has anything to do with age.
  • Years ago...I think it was more popular to sit the big bridal party up front and the date somewhere else. We had a sweetheart table and let the wedding party members sit with their spouses/dates.

    Yes, you can do it any way you wish, but honestly, it is more enjoyable for the guests/wedding party members to be seated with their spouse/date - especially if you have an older crowd and they are married rather than many singles who would have a chance to mingle.
  • I could take it. And I'm sure he'd be fine too. But it is a little unexpected.

    That said, I have a sister-in-law who would have kittens about that. She's still fuming about a couple of other things around my nephew's wedding that was now 2 years ago. Some people are just like that.
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