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Rhode Island


We have the Andrea hotel booked for our March 2 2013 wedding and I'm devastated after the pictures and videos I saw yesterday. As a matter of fact I'm up now because I literally can't sleep. Has anyone heard any information regarding the Andrea's damages, specifically any information on how long they think it will take to fix?! I haven't tried calling yet because I know that they have more immediate issues. I am planning to call this weekend or early next week. Also, that being said I have 140 guests and might need a comparable plan b :


  • I'm going to be honest. In my last post I was confident that the Andrea would be rebuilt in a few months. I am not trying to freak you out. BNut I just saw video footage of the hotel. It is completely destroyed. I think you need to start calling around for a plan B. I mean, if it gets back on its feet fine.. but in the meanttime, you need to secure a plan B. I would start calling places this weekend (igve people a minute to get back on their feet) and explain the situation. Many times they will be willing to help out financially. Since the wedding is not until March, I tink everything else, including invites can be redone to reflect the new location if you have to move it.If you need ANY help, we are all here to help.
  • Andrea is gone :-/  I agree with PP, it's time to start making some phone calls to look for a backup location.  I'm so sorry you're going through this.
  • I say give them 2 weeks and then call them. The exterior is destroyed but the building itself will be repaired. March may be tight but I think they will pull it off and it may be amazing. For your own sanity I would call for back-up space, March is not peak season so you have time. I am sure they will be in touch once they get their arms around things. I am sorry that you are faced with this, keep us posted and I am sure others will have ideas.
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