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Hello Ladies:  Just wanted to warn you that if you rent from AAA rents to make sure that someone counts all of the items that are dropped off before you sign for them and also make sure someone is present when they pick the items up and that they count them in front of you.  I just spent another $300 on chairs and tables that sat out in our yard for two days because they say they pick them up when they can make it and my Dad was not able to take two days off of work to wait for them.  I even sent in pictures of the wedding to show that all the tables where there but it wasn't enough to convince them .  It was also unpleasant to recieve the snide remarks and unprofessionalism as much as a month after my wedding when it was too late for me to make a police report for the missing items for our home insurance.  (the wedding was at my Dad's home).  I must say I feel bad for those in the Quad Cities that don't have enough competitors for certain things so that you can fight for better service.  I couldn't even find rental services on Angie's List for the Quad Cities at all when I was planning my wedding.  Best Wishes for all of your weddings!  Hopefully my warning will help some of you out.

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  • There is no way I would have let them tell me "we'll get there when we can", nor would I have left their things in my yard.

    Sorry you had to pay extra, but this situation sounds completely avoidable.

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    Are you saying they were stolen because they sat in your yard?  Why couldn't you put the tables in the garage to keep them safe until they got picked up?  I would call the police department and make sure it is not too late to file a police report.  Unfortunately at $300, it would probably be under your insurance deductible anyway.

    I rented stuff from AAA rents for my daughter's wedding, and it was a fine transaction.  I had no problems at all.
  • That is a good point that leaving them outside was not the best option, however due to the holiday they gave us a three day window to pick up the items.  It was unfortunately impossible for my father to take off two days of work until they could come out.  So maybe the best lesson from this is if anyone has their wedding on a private property like that to be careful or plan ahead for someone being there during the entire time they give you for pick up and also to keep calling them to find out when they are coming, even if they don't answer.  (A few times the phone just rang over and over).  Also my issue was the communication with them was not pleasant and I wasn't expected to be accused of lying right off the bat that way.  Other than that the items were all in decent shape and what I asked for other than the having to clean them off.  It's just unfortunate that the communication and customer service couldn't have been better and I was hoping to warn people in a similiar situation. 

  • I've rented from Cy's Rental in Davenport before.  Excellent all the way around and a great alternative to AAA Rents.
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