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Recommend your wedding website?

So, I had the most awful wedding-related nightmare last night (woke up thinking it was 3 days before and I had no dress or food) and I figure this is my mind's way of saying that I should get on some stuff. 

I figure I should at least start the site so that I can put it on the STDs and update it later with registry info and hotels and such. Where should I use to host it? My friend that's done it used TK, but with all their IT snags, I don't know if that's a good idea. I need something absolutely idiot-proof. I am not the greatest with computers and have never made a website in my life, so I pretty much need some point and click options. 

Any suggestions?

Also, is it too early to talk to hotels about blocks? We're putting together the STDs, so they'll go out mid-April/first of May (that's about 6 months). Should I try to put something about hotels on those, or should I wait and put them on the site and then include hotel info with invitations? How long do they normally hold room blocks?

Re: Recommend your wedding website?

  • BinxRoseBinxRose member
    edited March 2012
    Even with all of the TK mess ups with IT, it's never caused a problem for my website. I still recommend it.

    ETA: I blocked off rooms at a hotel about 5.5 months before the wedding. Better to book too early than too late!
  • I also like TK and agree its not too early to do a hotel block
  • Not too early to do a hotel block.  I used weebly, and I LOVE it!  Plus for $30 you can buy your own URL for one year... you can buy it on GoDaddy for cheaper, but then have to pay Weebly to use it, so it didn't end up being worth it.  I have a custom one that I'll PM you if you want to check it out.  My Planning Bio is made with Weebly and I find it very user-friendly, and still quite professional.  You don't have the templates as wedding-friendly as TK, but it gives you a lot more control.



  • I actually used weddingwire.com because I didn't like how long TK's url's get, and wedding wire was easier to stick on the STDs. It was easy to use, design and people definitely used it. Whatever you use, I think a website is a great way to go! But eek on the wedding nightmares, don't worry--it won't come true :)
  • Thanks, guys. I went on TK, but I don't love their templates/color choices, so I'll check the others out. I wish I had learned to not be so computer illiterate, I've had people that would hook things up for me, but I don't have any here. Add to that the fact that FI and I have very few pics together, and won't do any until he gets back and it's just argh. I'm so bad at even the tiniest bit of html, remember when I was trying to get my sig pic up and Irish pretty much just wrote the link for me (and thank you Irish)? 

    I'll call some hotels tomorrow. How many choices/price points did you guys do? The ones closest to the reception space are a little crack-tastic (the neighborhood goes from nice to not very very quickly). I wanted to do maybe one of the nicer historic hotels (which don't have a ton near them, but at least one is incredible) and then maybe one closer to the airport that's still not too bad but cheaper. I think that'll be okay. 
  • I love having our own URL, though FI's sister has commented that it is really snobby of us and must have cost a bundle, and is a waste of money.  Eh, if I want to blow $30 whole bucks on a URL instead of a dinner out or a pedicure, then that's my choice!

    I loved putting our URL on our save the dates - it's www.MyNameandHisName2012.com - it's awesome Laughing



  • We did weebly, just did KeepCalmandMarryOn.weebly.com (someone had bought the .com) so it was free. 

    Weebly is very simple and user friendly, I like it.
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