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Officiant Help Please!

My fiancee and I are not religious and are having the hardest time finding someone to wed us!  We need a court clerk or judge to do it due to Michigan law.

We are getting to the point where we think we'll have to get married at the court house the day before our actually reception and then just have a family member "preside" over the vows that we've chosen at the reception. :(

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm in the Muskegon/Grand Haven area.

Re: Officiant Help Please!

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    Hi there! You have plenty of options, even if you're not religious and don't have a church that you reguarly attend. You definitely don't have to go to the court house the day before your wedding! :) Check out Forever Twogether - www.forevertwogether.com. Quite a few Knotties on here have used them and would definitely recommend them.

    Good luck!
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    ummm....I dont know for sure and will double check for you first thing tomorrow morning but I dont belive you need a judger or court cleark. Just some one who is licenced to perform weddings.
     My former daycare lady is licensed (or certified or what ever the corrent term is) to perform weddings. She offered to mine for me however we are Christains and wanted to be married in a church by a pastor. She did the online course thing to do a friends wedding.
    If you do not want a religious wedding why not check into haveing one or your friends to get ordaned(I think this is the right term) to perfom weddings?
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    My fiance are in a similar situation. Not long ago, I found a website where you can input what kind of officiant you're looking for, and you'll be contact by a few officiants who meet your needs. [http://www.localofficiants.com/] I haven't actually used it, but I probably will when our wedding gets closer.
    Or, like dravensbaby mentioned, we have a friend who is considering becoming ordained for wedding ceremonies. That may be more meaningful to you as a couple, but I have no idea what kind of fees are associated with it. Maybe you could chip in as your "fee."

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    If you aren't religious, try checking out The Center for Inquiry webiste:

    They have a list of secular celebrants that perform all types of ceremonies.
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    Thank you everyone! :D
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