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Mapleside Farms in Brunswick

Has anyone had a ceremony and/or reception here?  Or been there?  Any idea on pricing?

I went here as a kid and remember it being beautiful.  Haven't been there in years but thinking of adding it to our "places to visit" list.

Re: Mapleside Farms in Brunswick

  • najozwianajozwia member
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    I emailed mapleside a couple months ago i was thinking about having my wedding there, they never got back to me.
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    I contacted them last week and got pricing... is there a way I can forward the email to you? 

    Essentiall Dinner buffets start at $24.99 and go up from there, They have a $1000 food and beverage minimum on the weekends, and you have to use their alcohol service.  Also, if you want to do an outdoor ceremony, they charge you a $500 grounds fee, plus rental fees for every table and chair.  There is a $250 photography on the grounds fee.  

    Hope that helps!  Also, the reason they probably didn't get back to Najozwia a few months ago is because the company was up for sale.  It has now been re-opened with new owners and a new menu.  It sounds like they have done a very nice job of revamping it.
  • BKJD0713BKJD0713 member
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    yes, thank you, please send to [email protected]

    FI and I are in the beginning stages of planning and really not set on East/West or Southside.

    We're open for anything affordable, tasteful and beautiful.
  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
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    It is beautiful.  We originally wanted to have our wedding there but when we were booking it was stll under the old management and they had some event on our date.  So, we booked elsewhere, the ownership changed and we looked into them again for our RD back in April while they were still doing renovations and hadn't opened yet.  We had an appointment to meet one of the new owners there and she never showed up.  We snuck inside and someone showed us around on the fly--it's really nice but their choices of rooms were either too small or too large for our group.  Anywhoo--hopefully they're better at customer service now that they're actually open.  Good luck!
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    I visited there in May! We ended up falling in love with another venue, but Mapleside was very nice. They were just finishing up their renovations at the time.

    You can have a ceremony in the back overlooking the orchard which is a beautiful view! There is an entrance in the back that leads directly into the banquet hall, so you'd be pretty much completely separated from customers unless your guests wanted to go upstairs to the restaurant/giftstore thing to look around.

    I emailed Mapleside directly (i forget the woman's name...) and she emailed me a packet of info on prices. PP, maybe you should try contacting them again, because she seemed very nice and on top of her stuff when I met with her! I imagine things were a little hectic with the recent reopening.
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  • sunjray82sunjray82 member
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    We are also considering Mapleside but have not managed to set a time to see the rooms as they seem to always have something going on.  I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the actual rooms.  There are none on the website. 

    Also, how much remodeling have they done?  I remember the restaurant floors being a bit worn out and things looking old in the past.  I have only been there once.   

    Any info would help!

    Thank you!

  • danni1260danni1260 member
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    I also recently contacted mapleside regarding my upcoming wedding. She emailed me back the pricing but when I wanted to set up a time to go there, I never heard back from her and that was weeks ago...It's a shame i would love to have my wedding/reception there.
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    I was just at Mapleside this past Sunday to view their rooms for a rehearsal dinner.  They didn't mind that we just stopped in to take a look.  Didn't care for them but I LOVED the actual restaurant and the upstairs wine bar.  Dan at Mapleside always emails me back within 24 hours... his email is on the planning your event page.  He's currently checking to see if we can make a reservation for 30-40 and just order off the menu... Might be cheaper if we go that route.
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