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Holiday vent

Hey everyone, I'm still on leave.  We're currently visiting the FILs...oy.  I'm not used to a family that does so much together so I finally found some alone time while they watch a movie.  How were your holidays?  What are your New Year's plans?  

We bought FI's wedding ring today, finally!  Premarital counseling session tomorrow so that should be interesting.

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Re: Holiday vent

  • Holiday time was great because we got to visit family...but I was ready to be home after being with them all for a full week. :) We had Christmas alone at home and I'm not sure what we're doing for New Year's. How much longer are you at FILs?

    Definitely starting to feel the time crunch on wedding stuff! In the last few weeks, despite vacation and the holidays, we did accomplish a few things...wedding bands, photo guest book, Thank You cards and tuxes. But a lot more to complete in the next 3 mos!!

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    Reply requested by March 23.
  • I'm here in Pittsburgh until Jan 2nd, then I fly back to NC and stay at my parent's house for a night.  Driving back to FL on the 3rd.  I've never looked so forward to a 13 hr drive with just me, the dog and a ton of stuff lol.  Hopefully FMiL will want to order the proof for the invitations so we can get rolling on that.

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  • Holidays were good for me! I have no New Years Eve plans though. My FI starts 12 hr shifts tomorrow 6am-6pm so he will most likely be sleeping when the ball drops, so I doubt I will do much.

    Our shower invitations should be coming soon, and we still need to order our wedding invitations. Once those are ordered I will feel better and maybe I can relax a little bit lol.

    I am at work right now. It is double time so I don't mind too much. And it is usually for only a few hours so it is a nice bonus on my paycheck.

    I hope you get some more 'you time' while you are with your FIL's! And I hope you all have a Happy and safe New Year!
  • The holidays were a lot more pleasant than I expected, given the drama flying around on both sides of my family right now.

    Today (NYE) is my birthday, so we're doing the birthday thing and going out to dinner.  Neither FI nor I drink, so we're staying home tonight but I don't mind one bit.  When you hit 37 (gasp!) the appeal of overpriced drinks, drunk college kids, and crowds the size of Texas just sort of dies off. 

    I may work on some WR things while FI is at work if dd takes a nap.  She has bronchitis and has been napping the past few days, which has been a welcome change.  I didn't think I was going to get any WR stuff done until she went back to school, but I'm ahead of schedule now.  :-)
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  • Please, we are currently fighting with FI family because we had the gall to get to the FMILs Xmas at 11am (when we live 75 mins away and I worked until 11pm Xmas eve).... Because his grownup sister had to stay up an extra 2 hours before going back to bed before the night shift (mind you she slept the whole night before... And was only up for 4 hours... Pretty sure she could have gone to bed whenever she wanted..... We stayed for 7.5 hours.... As I say they will be part of our lives NOT the center..... Something FMIL seems to have a problem with. Oh my lanta.
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