Carmel Apple Favors??

My FI and I got engaged in an apple orchard at a local cider mill and wanted to incorporate that into the reception with our favors.  I had the idea of donuts and cider, but cider is really expensive.  Then the idea of donuts and hot chocolate, but the wedding in September 1st and my mother so kindly pointed out that people aren't going to want a hot drink when it's 75 degrees outside at night.  So now I'm at carmel apples.  Does anyone have any ideas of a way to do this for cheap? Other ideas are welcome!!

Re: Carmel Apple Favors??

  • Doing them yourself would probably be messy and incredibly time consuming!

    I don't know if September 1 is "too early" for apple season, but you might want to ask the actual orchard for suggestions in terms of ordering, etc.
  • You can order them online.  I considered it for my November wedding.  I think the company I looked at was daffyapple.com.
  • I'm not sure from your post whether you're interested in trying to DIY, but your question reminded me of these:


     Not as messy and time-consuming as doing caramel apples yourself, it ties in the apple orchard idea, and you can make them ahead.  Depending on the look you want, you could package the wrapped caramels in tulle with ribbon, little organza bags with ribbon drawstrings, or tiny buckets (oriental trading company and Dollar Tree both carry them), or little baskets lined with a square of apple-printed fabric.
  • Thank you reppunzel!  Those carmels are a great idea and something we are definitely looking into!

  • What about just apple cider donuts or donut holes?  Most orchards have them and I must say, they are delicious!! Then again, so are caramel apples.  Although if I were a guest at a wedding and I was given the choice between the two, I'd probably choose the donuts because they are less messy to eat than the apples.
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  • Maybe some caramel apple candy would be nice to include, I brought some caramel apple pops to share at my office's Halloween party last year. They were a HUGE hit and didn't last long at all. I bought them at http://www.temptationcandy.com/caramel-apple-pops.html

    They also sell Caramel Apple Taffy too. Just a thought - best wishes!
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