Ocean City Bachelorette!!!

Hello ladies and gents--

I am very excited to be planning my dear friend's bachelorette party in Ocean City!  Little catch....we live in NJ!  

Soooooo.....If anyone could shoot my way a few great hotels right on the beach, a few fun tiki bar/lounges (she is not into the secrets party scene) and possibly a fantastic spa for a day of relaxing that would be great!   Any other tidbits would be much appreciated!!!!

getting married in days

Re: Ocean City Bachelorette!!!

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    I agree with everything PP has said, but as for other fun bars I would recommend Fish Tales and Macky's.  Both are on Bayside.  I also would say that Seacrets isn't too bad during the can float out on the water and lay out in the sun while sipping a nice slushie drink.  But once the sun goes down, stay away because it gets pretty trahsy (like PP said).

    I also second The Wrapper...amazing!  And I would also try is a small place but has some great food.  H and I also like to frequent Lombardi's for some great greasy pizza :)  For breakfast we try to eat at Layton's (they have two locations) at least once.  But Brass Balls has a decent breakfast as well.

  • Thank you both so much!!!!!
    getting married in days
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