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Marco Photography - anyone have thoughts on them? good or bad

I just had a consultation with Marco Photography this week.

They seem friendly, have been around awhile, prices seem very reasonable and seem to do good work from what they showed me.

Can anyone out there tell me ANYTHING about their work/prices/quality???  Whether it's first-hand experience working with them or even someone that you know that used them for their wedding??

Re: Marco Photography - anyone have thoughts on them? good or bad

  • My friend used them 2 weeks ago for her wedding.  The photographer we had was very nice and had some cute ideas for pictures.  I think my friend was very happy with the photos he took. Good luck!

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  • Never heard of him....
    Just Married Photo
  • My daughter received her disk of proofs quickly, but it took a YEAR to get their album.

  • Hey! I just used them for my wedding 9/23/12 and I had Adam as my photographer and I really liked him. He was younger and really made me feel comfortable througout the day. He took pictures of people I wanted and if I had ideas he listened to me. He ended up taking over 500 pictures so I can't wait to see all my proofs. 

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