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He proposed!

We're in a long distance relationship - and have been for over half of our relationship. We started dating in college, then we graduated and I moved to Atlanta for work. He followed, and then I moved to Texas for work (same company). He stayed in ATL. I moved to Virginia about a month ago (same company) and he moved home to Indiana about 3 months ago. 

This past weekend he was in town visiting with a mutual friend, and I had a good reason to ride back to IN with them. On Monday we went up to Purdue (our alma mater) to visit and meet with some people. That afternoon, in our favorite coffee shop, we met up with a couple of his buddies from the men's choir he was in during his time at school. Little did I know... one of them showed up with a guitar!! He then proceeded to serenade me in front of a full house, and then got down on one knee!! Every body aw'd and clapped when I nodded (I couldn't speak, haha!). 

The best part? A kind stranger approached me after and said she had video'd part of it, and asked if I wanted her to send it to me. OF COURSE! Laughing

We have barely started planning, and have been completely overwhelmed with the love and congratulations coming from our friends and family. And we got a lot of "Finally!!!" comments, haha. (We've been talking about marriage for over a year now)

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