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Who toasts at engagement party?

Hi ladies,

This is my first post on here!!!

My fiance's family is throwing us an engagement party in a few weeks. I understand that we should respond to any toasts they give by making one of our own to thank them and such... is it poor etiquette if I give the toast instead of my fiance? I am much more comfortable with public speaking than he is (I'm a teacher...)

Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Who toasts at engagement party?

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    At our engagement party my dad gave a toast and then FI gave a toast. I don't think it's poor etiquette if you give the toast instead of your FI.. you know your friends and family better than any of us on here so do what you guys are most comfortable with. It's definitely a good idea to make an announcement or toast thanking everyone for coming. Once the toasts were over both FI and I announced our thank yous to everyone for coming and that we looked forward to seeing everyone again at our wedding. We also had favors for everyone to take home and we personally thanked everyone as they took their favors. HTH!
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    As with all toasts, anyone can, no one has to.
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    That sounds fine!
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