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I know that tool parties are generally a southern tradition, but I kinda want my fiance to have one. He really wants us to register for tools but I'd rather not. Has anyone thrown one? If so, any ideas on planning, invite list, general etiquette?


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Re: tool party

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    Wait, why not register for tools? Why do you get to dictate what gets put on the registry? If you had a tool party without a registry what are the chances you'd get 15 hammers (or 0)?
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    Yeah, I'm not understanding this. If you want your FI to have a Tool Party, then he should be able to register for it. That way, he receives the tools he wants and needs not just random stuff or multiples of stuff. It would be like you having a bridal shower without registering, people would be giving you random mismatched dishes, pots & pans, towels, bed sets, etc..

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    ditto pps.
    The problem, with this idea, is that you cannot host the party for your fi. Is someone else offering to host this event?
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    I have heard of this as something in Texas.  A "Honey Do Party" and you register for tools and all the things he needs for his honey-do list   Would one of the groomsmen be willing to host it?

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    Sorry guys, NOT a bridezilla. I meant that I don't want to register for tools on the wedding registry. That's why I WANT him to have a tool party. So he can register for all the tools he wants. His mother and best man will be hosting it, I've just only known one person who had one so I was looking for some guidance to help them out cuz they're a little lost.
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