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Catholic Weddings

Please Help!

I am trying to finalize our programs for our full Catholic Ceremony and I am needing some help figuring out where everything falls into place. If anyone can please tell me where the unity candle light and flowers to Mary takes place it will help so much. Also we are presenting our parents with flowers and I'm not sure where that should go.
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Re: Please Help!

  • These aren't customary at Catholic weddings so I assume you can pui them whereever  you choose.

    I have seen a candle lightig right before the start of the mass and the flowers to Mary directly after but I don't know if that was just the way those brides chose to do it.

    Perhaps some other ladies here will know more.
  • You're going to need to talk to your priest, music director or parish wedding coordinator to get a for-sure answer. We did flowers to Mary after Communion and before the final blessings. This is when I've normally seen it done, but since it is not a standard part of the wedding, it could be flexible from parish to parish.

    I've actually never seen a Unity Candle at a Catholic wedding, but I've heard of them being done at different points. I've never seen the flowers to family at any wedding, so I would definitely check with your parish about that.
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  • Usually, if they are allowed, the unity candle goes after vows. Flowers to mary goes after communion, and flowers to parents go during the sign of peace.

    However, the may change it up, so you need to talk to him
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