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Looking for the Kleinfeld of L.A.

After months of looking at dresses in magazines and online, I am finally ready to begin trying on gowns!  I want to go to a big store that has a variety of styles, and am hoping to try on some specific dresses I have picked out.  Is there a wedding gown superstore in the area?
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Re: Looking for the Kleinfeld of L.A.

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    What designers are you looking for?
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    Pearls place is a good place to go. 

    If you're looking for super high end, then  Wedding Dress at Saks Fith Avenue is good large place to start if you are looking for selection as is Mon Amie in Costa Mesa. MaryLynns in Beverly Hills also carries a huge selection of high end designer gowns, as does R-Mine Bridal in Studio City.  If you want couture on a budget the other option is Glamour Closet.

    Be aware though about Mon Amie, several knotties have gone there in the past and found that they rip their tags out of their dresses, for that reason alone I would avoid them. 

    If you know specifically which gowns you want to try on, I would call the salons ahead of time and find out of they have that particular type of dress.

    Bear in mind, though that even though you may think you know which dresses you want as a design on a model, you may find out that you want a different style when you try it on.  That happens alot. You may also find that there were other dresses that you didn't give an after thought about when you saw them in the magazine on a model, but look amazing on you.

    Hope that helps.

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    There's Renee Strauss in Beverly Hills; Saks does have a decent selection; I would stay away from R Mine personally.
    If there is a specific designer you want, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier have freestanding salons in West Hollywood, which means you have more choices and they have all the accessories, etc.
    But there is no Kleinfeld here :(
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    Beware of Marilynns in BH and Pasadena.  Check out Yelp--they have gotten horrible reviews.  I heard that they, too, rip out the tags from the dresses and that the service is horrible once you buy your dress, since they've already gotten what they want from you. 
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    I got my dress at MaryLinn's in Pasadena and had a wonderful experience.  I had previously gone to Mon Amie and in my opinion, MaryLinn's selection was better and the service was outstanding.  I also had my alterations done there.  From the minute I walked in the door for my first appointment to the minute I walked out after picking up my dress 2 days before my wedding, all I got were smiles and great customer service. 
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