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rehersal invitation dilema

So, I am having my rehersal and my plan was to put a little card in with the invitations that I send out but as I am looking online, it looks like I should send out a seperate invitation.  Any sugguestions?

Re: rehersal invitation dilema

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    We sent out separate invitations to the rehearsal.  We didn't have all the details of the rehearsal dinner planned at the time we were printing the wedding invitations, so they had to go out later.  I've usually seen RD invites come out separately, but I don't see anything wrong with including it with the wedding invitation.
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    Traditionally, the wedding invitation comes from the bride's parents, beginning with their names as the people hosting the wedding and reception:  "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honour of your presence..."
    Traditionally, the RD invitation comes from the groom's parents, beginning with their names as the people hosting the RD.

    I have never heard of RD invitations being stuck into the wedding invitation envelope.  These are two very separate events, hosted by two separate families.

    And your OP looks like you are considering sending out the RD invitations.  Let me encourage you not to do that.

    My friend B told her FI's mother that B wanted to have a Mexican dinner party, and sent FI's mother two sample templates showing the kind of border and font that B would like.  FI's mother told B in no uncertain terms that SHE, FI'S MOTHER, had planned MANY dinner parties and that SHE, FI'S MOTHER, could certainly handle planning THIS dinner party which would be hosted by HER, FI'S MOTHER and FI'S FATHER.  So my advice to you is to NOT get in the way of your FI's mother on the RD.  Just let her host the wonderful party for you... 
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    Not sure if it's a regional thing, because I've never received an official invitation to a RD. It's always been by word of mouth or the wedding couple (or their parents) just let us know where to be and when.  I think you're just fine, and I'm sure your friends and family wouldn't mind an insert at all.
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    Once I've gotten the rehearsal invitation by word of mouth, the other two times it was by a formal invitation. The nice thing about a formal invitation is that you KNOW everyone received the invitation with all the information about when and where they need to be for both the reherasal and the dinner, and you don't get any unexpected guests to the rehearsal dinner. That being said, I've never received the rehearsal invitation with the wedding invitation. As a PP said, it's a separate event, and it's usually hosted by the groom's family. If you're the one hosting it then you can handle however you wish, but just know it doesn't need to be as formal as the wedding invite and *traditionally* is not included in the wedding invitation.

    However, I've never been a fan of the idea that just because something is usually done one way that means it always has to be that way. If you already know who is being invited to the rehearsal dinner, you're financing it (or the groom's family is in favor of having it included in the wedding invitation), and your wedding invitations are more informal/casual and less traditional anyway, then why not? =)

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    I wonder why people must be so rude on this website... this is not the first time I have encountered this.  Please guys, attempt to be more appropriate when responding.
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