Golf Course Wedding/Reception sites?

Well I just got engaged (YAY) and am just starting this insane process of planning.  We are looking at 2012 August or September, so I think now is a great time to be looking for locations.  I want an outdoor wedding and reception, most likely at the same place.  I want somewhere pretty (of course), with gardens, or in the woods somewhere... lots of nature basicly.  I'm starting to make a list of places to check out, but was wondering if anyone knows of any nice golf corses that host weddings?   My fiancee loves to golf, and they are typically very nice places, so I would love to look into going that route.  I'm open to anywhere in the NEO area, East, West or South of Cleveland within an hour or so.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  :)  

Re: Golf Course Wedding/Reception sites?

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    I'm getting married this August at the Quail Hollow Country Club. It is awesome and very affordable. The country club is located in Concord / Painesville area. Also in the area there is Manakiki the outside is beautiful. The inside was a little small for our wedding - not sure how big you are planning. There is Pine Ridge, Kirtland Country Club, Mayfield Sand Ridge Club, Country Club of Hudson. I think all of those are at least worth checking out. There are so many perks to having your wedding at a golf course. The scenery is beautiful, the staff is excellent and the food is amazing! Have fun planning and congratulations
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    There is also Signature of Solon if you need something a bit larger.
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    Avon Oaks Country Club in avon
    Spring Vale Country Club in north olmsted

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    I'm looking for a similar venue, but really quickly (Late summer / early fall this year.)  You can try Stone Water Golf Club in Highland Heights.   
    There is also a really cool winery with awesome landscaping in Aurora called Thorn Creek Winery.  Good luck!
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    A little further south than the other suggestions are Congress Lake Club in Hartville, OH.  http://www.congresslakeclub.com/ Another option around here is Chenoweth Golf Course in Akron, OH.  http://www.congresslakeclub.com/ Firestone Coutry Club (where they have the big golf tournament every year) is also in Akron http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Firestone-Country-Club. Oh, and someone mentioned a winery too.  There is a new winery in Canton called Gervasi Vineyard and they have an absolutely gorgeous outdoor area for weddings and such.  http://www.gervasivineyard.com/

    Best of luck to you and happy planning!
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    Thaks everyoen for all the recommendations!  That gives me a great starting point!  Although Kelly, after looking at the Gervasi Vineyard website I'm half in love with their pavilion already!  I just emailed them for some info and pricing.  I'm worried about the price, but we'll see!  
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    GULP... never mind... just got the pricing from Gervasi and WOW... they want double what we are hoping to pay for the entire wedding!  Oh well... I knew it looked too good to be true.
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    Another winery to check out would be Sarah's Vineyard Winery in Cuyahoga Falls. It's right across the street from Blossom. I have seen weddings there.
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    Check Manakiki also - pricing is pretty reasonable and beautiful indoor and outdoor options for ceremony and reception.
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    Sorry Gervasi is so much. I guess I should have warned you about that.  I don't know exact pricing, but I've heard that it is expensive.  I've never been even though it is less than 30 min. from my house.  I think FI needs to take me on a date.  :)
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    I am in the same position! We already booked our hall in Northfield Center and have been looking for outdoor ceremony locations for a while now and having a hard time finding somewhere nice!
    Cuyahoga Valley Park has a place called happy days lodge..which is kind of older looking..but rustic. Decorated right..it can be very pretty!

    We went putt putting on the ship the day after we became engaged..so that is why there is a pink golf ball in his hand! :)
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    Glenmoor Country Club in Canton
    Wolf Creek Winery in Norton 
    Punderson Manor (State Park) in Newbury 

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    Not sure about your budget, but I used to work at Westfield Country Club in medina county and it's GORGEOUS. Granted, it's also incredibly fancy and I imagine they charge a ton, but if you happen to hit the lotto you should check it out ;)
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    Weymouth Country Club in Medina is gorgeous!! And holds a lot of people.  Not sure about the prices though.
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    We are getting married at the Big Met Golf Course in Fairview Park this September. The space is small - can hold max of 144 but the price is right and it's gorgeous!!!! Good Luck!
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    We're getting married at Pine Ridge in November.  The food is AMAZING (Dino's Catering) and the price is reasonable, especially if you pick a Friday.  Good Luck!
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    [QUOTE]Weymouth Country Club in Medina is gorgeous!! And holds a lot of people.  Not sure about the prices though.
    Posted by nikki2114[/QUOTE]

    I have worked there for almost 8 years and I LOVE it there and I truely mean it im getting married there Jan. 2013 and could not be happier. We have awesome food and we love helping a brides wedding dream come true!! And the pricing just depends on how many people, what food you pick and what kind of bar you have, I think its pretty fair pricing for what you get.
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