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Owensboro Wedding ideas?

I know that this Saturday they are having a Bridal Expo at the River Park Center this Saturday, February 19th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  However, I am looking for other's opinions of photographers, caterers, bakeries, and venues etc.

I'm having a hard time finding info on the web.  If you have had any positive of negative experiences with any local vendors or venues, please feel free to share.   It would also be great to find a reception venue on the west side of town b/c the church is on the west side of town and I don't want out-of-towners to have to drive everywhere.

Thank you to anyone with ideas.
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Re: Owensboro Wedding ideas?

  • Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    My friend will be there!

    She sells custom embroidered purses and such.  (Great to get new stuff if your name changes, or for gifts for the bridal party.)

    PM me if you want her info.

    I only know one person that got married in Owensboro, and I know zero about her wedding.  If you can't find any other answers, I can make an awkward phone call and point her your way.
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  • Birdie1483Birdie1483 member
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    I would encourage you to go to the bridal show, but use a special email address for EVERYTHING! I went to a show in Louisville a month or so ago and they gave me info to all of the vendors, even if I hadn't visited with them.

    If you need ideas on places to use, I would also check out http://tristatebride.com/. I'm getting married in Evansville and have seen info for Owensboro on there as well.
  • ashlinikoashliniko member
    edited December 2011
    I wanted to have my wedding on the balcony facing the river at the river park center, but my date was booked.  Theres also the Western KY botanical garden, any of the parks, Hines Center.....   I've heard the Miller House has great catering.  You can look up DJ Song Bird, there is a bakery opening up in Oboro called Dalisha's- and their cake pictures are AWESOME!

     I ended up finding a place in bowling green instead, so thats where most of my vendors are-
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