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Out of State Bridal parties?

So in my party and the grooms party we each have 4, including the Maid of Honor and the Best Man. Most of my girls are out of state, Including my MOH. And a few of my fiances groomsmen are out of state. How do I accomplish getting my wedding together when eveyones out of state. And have my MOH help plan when shes more than 6 hrs away?

Re: Out of State Bridal parties?

  • What exactly are you planning to have all of these people get together to do? There isn't anything that they have to do until the wedding. If you're talking about shopping for BM dresses, you could either find a date and location that works for some or all of the girls, or look for dresses online, or use a chain store like David's where you could pick a few styles or colors and girls could try them on at their local store. As for planning the details of your wedding, that's on you and your FI, unless anyone else explicitly offers to help you with something.

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  • The only things these ladies need to do are be there for the day of in the dress you chose.

    That said, they may opt to plan a shower or bachelorette party as presents for you.

    What you can do is ask if they're comfortable giving out their email addresses in case they want to get in contact with each other.   When I was a BM for SIL, the MOH would email us regarding parties that were being planned in case we were interested in contributing.   It was a nice low pressure way for us to be involved if we wanted to be.

    Just remember that it's up to you and your FI to plan the wedding.
  • Your WP shouldn't help plan your wedding unless they OFFER to and want to do it. All of my BMs lived out of town and it was no big deal. A few offered to throw a shower andb-party and a couple couldn't make it; no big deal. They all came to the wedding, which is really their only "duty" along with buying the ageed-upon dress.

    If you need help planning your wedding, ask your FI. If it's too much for the both of you to plan, either scale back your plans or hire a wedding coordinator.

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  • Um.  Is it your wedding ,or is it your MOH's wedding?  If the answer is "yours" then I'm confused about your question.

    Your wedding, your job, your responsibility, your planning, your labor, your coordination, your work, your time.  If someone volunteers for something, graciously accept.  If not, oh well.

    You'd never ask someone to timeshare having a baby for you, or other major life events.  I am very confused why you'd expect other people to make your wedding happen for you unless you hired and paid them to do so.

    I had out of state bridesmaids.  You know what I did?  I took care of my wedding, told them to get their dresses, and when to show up. It turned out amazing and to be the best day of my life.
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