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Hi there.... I've posted on here a few times in the past, but figured I'd do an official introduction. I do see some familiar faces here (hello!).  I'm Cara, my fiance is Rob, we're getting married Saturday, October 2nd in Philadelphia.  We're just starting to get into our ceremony, so I've been popping by this board more and more recently. 

When we first got engaged, we asked my cousin, a conservative Cantor, to officiate and she agreed.  Unfortunately, she has had a relapse of cancer and has been undergoing treatment.  My parents made the decision to include their rabbi as a co-officiant, in case my cousin wasn't up to doing the wedding when the time comes.  They were concerned about having to find a random officiant last minute.  So we're trying to navigate the waters there...making sure my cousin feels she is the "lead", but not offend the rabbi.  I just met with my cousin, and we're setting up a meeting with the rabbi.  In addition, we're trying to figure out what parts of the ceremony are right for us, and what aren't.  I wasn't planning on wearing a blusher and doing a veiling, but I'm getting some pushback from my cousin about that.  FI is concerned that the ceremony is going to be "too traditional", but I feel like its a jewish wedding ceremony (we're both jewish) and I'm not going to apologize for the traditions.  So we're working it out....

Ah....so that is the background there. I look forward to meeting you ladies and learning from you!  Thanks!

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