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Chinese Wedding Dress Rental - Toronto

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has information about places that rent qun kuas (two-piece Chinese wedding dresses) in Toronto. I've been searching online with no luck.

The alternative would be details on a place that makes affordable, custom Chinese dresses.

If you know about either subject, please let me know! Thank you!

Re: Chinese Wedding Dress Rental - Toronto

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    Sorry I'm not sure where to get one in your area. I would think online searching would help you out but I guess not.
    I would think that custom shops online would be a good option if you cannot find one to visit yourself. Hopefully one of the girls here has used one or would know where to find one.
    There might be a couple eBay stores that might offer that option. Or maybe if you found a pattern a seamstress in your area could make one?
    HTH! GL! :)
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    Sorry I didn't see this post until now.  Hope it's not too late.

    There are a ton of places to rent wedding dresses in TO.  Almost all the chinese/Taiwanese photo studios also rent dresses.  They're mainly in the Markham area.  I have a list of places...PM me if you want the contact info!
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