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North Carolina

What should I do?

I've been torn between video or no video.  I don't want to spend alot of money on a videographer AND I dont want to have a videographer in my face the entire night.  With that said, I found a vendor online called Flip a Hit.  Has anyone used this?  The price seems almost too good to be true, but the idea is just what I'm looking for.  Feedback?! :-D

Re: What should I do?

  • For the low cost, I would try it.  It could be the greatest thing
  • You can always tell the vidographer what you want. For us, he is only filming our ceremony and the first few hours of the reception with the toasts and games. He sets up one camera and walks around with another one. We gave him a list of what we wanted and that's what he'll do.

    There are alternatives to videos like
    https://www.wedit.com/ <-- they send you cameras to give to your guests, you send them back in and they'll make a movie for you.

    https://www.weddingpartyapp.com/ <-- I'm not sure if they are just pictures or video and pictures well they let your guests use their fancy camera phones to capture the magic and it's all stored on an online photo album for you to utalize, print share, and whatever

    I know there are tons of other things out there those are the two that I pinned on pinterest lol
  • We had the same video or no video debate... the expense was huge and we hadn't budgeted for it.  We really only cared about having our ceremony on film.  We wound up buying a new video camera ($450ish) and borrowing a tripod from a friend to film our ceremony and then we had the camera for our honeymoon and have used it many times since.
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  • We had a traditional videographer (our grandparents couldnt travel to the wedding and we wanted something to show them).  We made it clear what we wanted and that they were not to disrupt the evening.  The only time I noticed them were during the "getting ready" part of the day and they were less invasive than the photographer.  They only time I noticed them at the reception was when one said to my DH "there is a lot of beatles playing tonight, how did you get away with that?  this is awesome."

    I think the quality of the product with a real videographer is much better than a weddit-type product.  It just depends on how important video is to you.
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  • I have never heard of anyone regretting getting a videographer.  I have heard plenty regret not getting one, myself included.
  • Hi Nicole,

    I got married in April and absolutely love my wedding video. I say it's worth it! In fact, my husband and I have actually recently started our own videography business (you can see one of our videos here: http://vimeo.com/46176407). We're called Paint & Paper Films. Not sure where in NC you are located; we are in the Piedmont. 

    If it's something you might be interested in, send me a message at [email protected] Our packages start at $600. Best of luck with your planning!! Smile

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