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Anyone want to help me with gifts?

After Christmas, H will be underway for 3 months at a time. Any thoughts of things for him to do down there that I can get him for Christmas?

I was thinking a portable DVD player. I suggested my mom get him one or two Pittsburgh sport books to read.

Any other ideas?
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Re: Anyone want to help me with gifts?

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    Does he have a laptop? Idk if the dvd player would be good, if he already has a laptop? :/ Is he a reader? Kindle or something like it? A fun "emergancy kit" filled with his favorite snacks maybe? hmm...
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    What about a camera or his favorite dvds (movies, tv series, etc)?
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    I know from being on the boat (I'm not sure what kind of boat your H will be on, but I was on a carrier), my kindle, a book lamp (Sometimes the racks have lights, and other times they don't... Mine had it, but it didn't work) , and my laptop were pretty crucial to my overall happiness.  I know lots of people who are like super addicted to dip, monster or red bull, would stock up, so then the ships store would usually run out.  If he likes anything like that, get him lots so he doesn't have to buy them there.  Make sure he has lots of pictures of you and the pups. I'm sorry, I'm not much help..
  • IrishcurlsIrishcurls member
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    Yeah, does he kindle/nook? H got one for when he goes underway because carrying that many books is a pain. And he always talks about getting into a new (well, old. new to him) tv series because you can buy a few seasons on DVD--My Name is Earl is sitting on our bookshelf for that very reason. Maybe stock up on those?  

    ETA: Reading fail. Sorry, Zims already suggested tv series :)
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    There is a calendar you can buy on Etsy.  Each day is marked by a little yellow circle (so you have 365 yellow circles).  You are suppose to make a smiley/frowny/etc face for every day.  Its a cute way to mark down the days you are apart- its kinda like sharing a simple diary.

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  • kara811kara811 member
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    Ditto what the ladies have already suggested. H always like to stock up on books to read, movies/tv shows, snacks and energy drinks are always good! Also, I made us a calendar before and he loved it and another thing too are boudoir pictures/album. He keeps that with him and looks at my pictures when he gets lonely. lol 

    Other things that I could think of, I'm not sure how big his locker will be, but some guys do bring small tvs and their game consoles with them onboard. I don't know if your H is into any of that stuff, but it's just an idea. Also, iPod Touch with games he could play with, etc. Oh and if his ship's laundry facility ends up always being crowded or broken, it's always a good idea to stock up on undies! I always send H boxers or gift those to him. lol 
  • shayNnikshayNnik member
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    Not sure how limited this would be for him, but when I was deployed I had a version of I Spy. My sister gave me a list of things I had to find/take a picture of every week. I opened a new envelope every Monday and had maybe 3-5 things to look for that week and take a picture of. Sometimes they were random things such as catching someone picking their nose lol. Other times it was taking a picture of something I made for someone, etc. So I would color a picture for my supervisor and take a picture of it.

    It was something minor but fun and I looked forward to it every week. The envelopes were numbered backwards, counting down the weeks I had left. When I got back, we had a blast looking at all of the pictures together. She put them all on a DVD and filed it away in her scrapbook.
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    Shay that is super cute and sweet!! I might do something like that for H for Christmas since after that he comes home in a little over a month and a half! Thanks for that fantastic idea!!!
  • wargroom51wargroom51 member
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    kindle is a great idea if he's a reader and a DVD player is awesome if he's not.  How about some portable gaming machines?  PSP and some of the newer games perhaps?  Nintendo DS?
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    Oh yeah!! I love my DS.  I'm so nnnooottt a gamer (although I did play WoW for like a summer..) I have Super Mario Brothers for the DS and I love it!! Oh! and the Professor Layton games because they are mostly brain teasers so it makes me feel smarter!!  But if your H is a gamer, maybe he could drop some hints as to games he'd like..
  • BinxRoseBinxRose member
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    I know my FI and his buddies complain about not having enough pockets/spaces to put their things. So I'm sewing on a backing to his curtain which will have pockets. It will also have clear slots for pictures, as well as things that remind him of home (e.g. a button of a fish because he loves fishing up north in WI). (ETA: This backing will be quilted, so some of the squares is material with baseballs since he loves playing baseball/softball)
  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    H got a 1TB  external hard drive before going on the last deployment, and it's probably his favorite thing ever.  Sooo many people on his ship have different movies and tv series on DVD or their computers, so he is able to copy everything onto his hard drive.  We have a portable DVD player, but he doesn't bring it on the ship.  For Christmas last year he wanted the original iPod, that is like 160gb.  He has a case for it, and velcroed the case to the top of his rack.  So he puts movies and shows onto that when he wants to watch them, and he lays in his rack and watches them that way.  

    Kindles are also a great thing if he is a reader.  I have heard a lot of sailors use them, and there are a lot that also use a NintendoDS too.  It will probably be easier once he gets there and figures out what kind of space he will have and what his office/work area will be like.  My H is in an office with a TV and has his own desk, so he has brough his PS3 onto the ship.  He also for his last birthday wanted a wife screen monitor for his desk, because he has his laptop set up to it too and it has better graphics and he can watch movies and play games on that too.  But obviously depending on your rate/rank you will have different amounts and kinds of space available.  
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  • LetsHikeTodayLetsHikeToday member
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    Thanks for the suggestions!! I found out he isn't allowed anything with a camera so it's a no go for an iPad or even him taking his phone. I like the hard drive idea!
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  • janeneojaneneo member
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    I am not a military wife, but I do have a soft spot for our men/women in uniform, so I have used in the past a website called http://anysoldier.com/. It's a place that anyone can go to and see what the different soldiers stationed around the world have on their "wish-list" based on location and branch.

    You could easily click on the Navy link and see what the already deployed sailors are requesting themselves.  That may give you good ideas, and will incorporate what they are allowed to have with them, and the easiest way to get your care packaged shipped. 

    I found that Dr. Sholes Insoles were a big hit, holiday decorations, DVDs, and local food/sack specialties that reminded them of home. (For Philly it was Tastycakes stored individually in small tupperware containers.) My Marine friend liked when I sent her Special K cereal  and cereal bars for days she didn't want to get out of bed in time for breakfast.)  Instant mac and cheese, magazines like Car and Driver, ESPN, or Sports Illustrated.    

    If it will be cold where he is Under Armour (usually black sounded ok), wool hats, and really thick socks.  If it is hot and dry, they really loved the chap stick "Bert's Bees" because it stood up to the harsh climate the best.   
    I hope I didn't write too much, I really get going when its a topic I like!

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