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Engaged 12/23!

My boyfriend and I have been seing one another again for just over 2 years now. (yes again, we dated in high school, have known one another since we were 13, and then separated  from one another for 21 years).
When we connected again we had met for coffee in a quaint local coffee shop. We had gone in on Friday for a coffee and while we were waiting for our order, he took me in his arms and said, "this is where it all started isn't it?" and pulled the box out of his pocket :) Of course I said YES!!! I have never been happier than when I am with him!
No date set, no rush really. We want something fun. We have thrown out ideas like a huge bonfire, ceremeony at dusk followed by hot dog and marshmallow roast for the evening. A sunrise beach ceremony. Or just running off and getting married (out of state there is no waiting period for the marriage license) So many options!!  I absolutely love researching ideas and reading what other people are going to do. I am a planner, but something simple, fun, easy, and inexpensive would be amazing!


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