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New Jersey

How did you ask your bridesmaids?

Did you do something unique for them or just ask? I'm going to be asking them all soon and just wanted some ideas. Thanks!

Re: How did you ask your bridesmaids?

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    I sent my girls cookies. It was a box with a dress cookie in the color that they will be wearing, with a note that said "Will you be my bridesmaid/MOH/FG, etc. Love, Jenna 4.9.11"

    They really seemed to like it! =)
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    I did the cookie idea too for my bridesmaids/moh/flower girl/junior bridesmaids!!!! They all loved the idea as well! Some ate the cookie and said it was delicious and some kept it for a momento.... We also did the same thing for the guys...... We handed them out in giftbags at the engagment party but pretty much they knew they were going to be in our wedding/or be asked to be :)
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    I just asked them the first time I saw them in person.
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  • smw42smw42 member
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    I asked them each in person- some I took out to lunch and some I just asked in person depending on the circumstances. I had arranged a lunch to ask my two bridesmaids when the one showed up engaged! It was a little bit of a show stealer but it all worked out.
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  • gibribuzgibribuz member
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    I just asked them... I didn't really make a big deal about it. 
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    I took them out to lunch and gave them a little present and a heart felt card.
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  • Danes983Danes983 member
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    I got them each a will  you be my BM card and wrote inside why I wanted them to share the day with  me.  You can find them so cheap online.  I got BM, MOH and Jr BM ones.
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    I asked my girls on the phone when I called them to tell them I was engaged - Which I'll admit was a little rushed, but it's not like I was going to change my decision. Afterwards when the date had been set I sent them a photobook of memories of us with a little personalized blurb at the end asking them to be my BM.

  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    Via text, phone, or email.  Which is how I've almost always been asked.  Not something I thought needed to be a huge deal... after all, I am sure every one of them expected to be a bridesmaid anyway. 
  • mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    I just asked.

    I also wouldn't ask them right now if your bio is correct and you're not getting married until 2012. Ask about 8-10 months before your set-in-stone wedding date. The reasons being, there's absolutely nothing for them to do this early in the engagement, and all they "have" to do is get their dresses, which can wait until maybe 4-6 months out from the wedding day. They might get Wedding Burnout if you ask them this early.

    Also, once you ask, you really can't un-ask without completely ending the friendship. People say it'll never happen, but it does ... try popping over to the Wedding Party board and read through a few posts. Brides there post all the time about how they want to kick out their sisters, cousins, lifelong best friends that they asked WAY too early, and those problems could've been resolved if they had just waited a few more months to ask.
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    I have always just been asked in conversation - for example, when hanging out with one of the brides, she just sort of casually said, "And I'm so looking forward to you being there with me as a bridesmaid."  The others basically said the same thing to me. My sister might have handed me a card in the shape of a dress as well with a nice note inside, but there was no big to-do about it or anything.

    As mentioned, I think most/all of the girls you will ask will know they will be asked anyway.  
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    we went out for celebration drinks a few weeks after my engagement and I asked them each there
  • Faith2730Faith2730 member
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    I actually asked 2 girls in person and the other 3 over the phone!  I always knew who would be my bridesmaids, so there wasn't much to think about.  I was excited and didn't want to wait until I saw them.  I then sent them this cookie.  http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-235544/ I sent it as a thank you for agreeing to be in my wedding party.
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    I mailed each of them a card with a little poem asking them to be a part of our special day. The package had a framed picture of us and a wedding day scented Yankee candle. I sent my flower girl a cookie.
  • andreapnycandreapnyc member
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    i kind of wanted to do something different as well, i looked online for a while for cute cards and finally found ones on etsy, of course.  i had each of their names written on cards saying " xx will you be my bridesmaid" and at the bottom of the card was a dress outlined in black and a pink crystal necklace (to go with my colors). inside i wrote a nice message to each girl, i'm mailing them/giving them over the next few days, so hopefully they will like it as much as i do!
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    just called and asked
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    I made cards for them with a cute little poem inside that asked them to be my bridesmaid! They loved them!
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  • teacup0618teacup0618 member
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    I didnt make a big deal about it..I just called them. I knew I wasnt going to see them for a while because I was living in Pittsburg, and all of my BMs were either in NJ or FL.
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    I asked all the girls in person. I did get them cards and a little gift. The beauty brand Philosophy has a box of 3 body washes that are called bridal party. The girls loved them and all the scents are really nice. I thought it was cute.
  • DandT1206DandT1206 member
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    I made a photo puzzle for each of them through this site:

    I took a picture I already had of me with each of them and added text to the top which said "will you be my bridesmaid?"

    the puzzle comes in a satchel.  I added a tag with something along the lines of "the church is booked, the venue is set, there's just one more piece of the puzzle missing..."    Then I mailed it to them

    It's a BOY and a GIRL!!
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    I had a lot- so I did different things. The ones I knew that wouldn't change I asked a few days after I got engaged- when I was stuck in my house after having surgery they came to visit and I asked them then. Two others are my neighbors and I asked when we went on a walk. My cousin I asked at Thanksgiving lol. The others (and including the ones I asked a few days after engagement) we went out for drinks and I got the bridesmaids coozies and gave them that and said a little speech and asked them. So, I did a variety of things

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    I've been friends with them all for a long time, so we had been talking about being in each other's weddings for years.  Asking was more of a formality than anything else.  I made "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards in our planned wedding colors with a personal message in each. 
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  • JulepheniaJulephenia member
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    I asked 2 over the phone, because they live far away. (MOH I actually kept bugging her to get on the phone - she was in grad school and busy... and then she picked it up, and said, "Yes, I'm your maid of honor! I KNOW. I'm excited! Oh, wait, you wanted to ask." The other one I asked, I have to check with, since she's got a toddler now, and her circumstances have changed.

    FSIL I asked the weekend after we got engaged... after I glared at her for knowing about the ring and not telling me.

    The last BM I just asked casually in conversation.
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    I bought martini glasses with their initials on them that said "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" from bybecca.com.  Everyone loved them!
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